Friday, June 25, 2010

Voodoo Child

Pick up the pieces, make an island....might even raise a little sand

Cause I’m a voodoo chile....lord knows I’m a voodoo chile

Heh. Ohh, I think my recent illness and this insufferable heat has taxed my brain. That and I've been in a very Stevie Ray Vaughn mood lately. I feel a nagging restlessness stirring in me but for what I'm not sure. I need to express myself some way or another but the outlet for such seems just slightly beyond my grasp. Tattoos and piercings are just so overdone these days. I know what the guys would say. In fact, I've heard them mumbling something about taking up a collection...that's not fair though, I haven't cussed anyone lately or thrown anything at any of them. Granted, I've been a little weak to raise much hell, the days I did make it to work, but still, I have behaved.
I know one thing for sure, this week has really got me to considering again just how long I want to do this for a living. I know I've thought about this many times and it's not very often that a bad illness corresponds with a heat wave but dang! it's rough when it does. I went back to work Tuesday and that was probably a mistake as it's been in the high 90's all week. Probably should have taken another day. To sweat so hard that you actually breath it up your nose is an odd sensation. I made it through Wednesday but that day I had to work on a galvanized roof, right in the sun, all day and wearing a harness on top of all that. Thursday morning I just couldn't do it so I took that day off and I felt much better today. When people or friends come to the realization that we have to work in such conditions they always stare at me with open mouths. Their expressions hint at either utter amazement at our strength or horror at our stupidity. I often wonder myself, which it is. Of course, we are better acclimated to such conditions, having to do it every day, but it's still hard. I suspect that a warm, manly pair of hands and some lotion would do wonders for my back and spirits but I guess I'll have to settle for some Aleve and maybe a shot of whiskey, although not at the same time.

So, on a better note, I hope to actually accomplish something this weekend other than closely inspecting my toilet. I am going to finish (and hopefully), install the pantry shelves and maybe get the last of that exterior trim milled. I know ya'll are sick of my whiny posts and want to see something done on this house. Me too. If I can get an early enough start, maybe install some siding on the clerestory area also. We are supposed to have a cool spell of highs only around 90 F! Wow! I might have to put on a sweater.

In other news, I am awaiting the return of the foot pedal for my pottery wheel and then I hope to finish the orders some of you have placed. I apologize for the inexcusable delay but in my haste and impatience I destroyed the other foot pedal, trying a quick fix, and am having to have a new one built. A very expensive mistake on my part. I'll have to sell a lot of mugs to make up for this one.

*Stevie Ray Vaughn. also done by Jimi Hendricks


Floridacracker said...

Donchu just love those crisp 90 degree cold spells?
I guess we take what we can get in the summer.

Oh yeah, ... WOW.

Hayley said...

What nice biceps you have my dear! What a sexy photo!

Oh and don't assume we are all here to read about your house. Your house is what brought me here but I enjoy the other posts too. Post what YOU want. It is your blog, after all.

Beau said...

That must be incredibly hot work... hot dipped as they say!

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! heh. thanks!
yeah, if 90 feels cool, well, I guess I'll take it!

Hey Hayley! well thanks! I was just scraping for some pic to put up since I haven't taken any new ones and wasn't really thinking sexy but hey! that's ok.
well, I do like to write about all kinds of stuff, and will continue to, but I like a mix. I think it's about 50/50 amongst my readership anyway.
Oh, hope the Alaska job works out whichever way ya'll want it to!
What a cool adventure though.

Hey Beau! yeah, incredibly hot is one way to put it. :D

HermitJim said...

I hear ya o the 90 degree cool spell! Seems like it's going to be a FUN summer!

Of course, we have a nice tropical storm brewing in the Gulf right now, so that will be interesting!

Jenn said...

All in good time. No rush.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! yeah, interesting is probably a good word for it.

Hey Jenn! thanks!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad to read you are feeling better, Annie. You were right on about how it would have been best to stay home another day to feel better, but glad to "see" you back posting.As far as whining - everyone does it at on time or another and it's your blog as Hayley noted, so you go girl and write about whatever you want to share. Keeps us wondering what will come next!

edifice rex said...

Hey Beatrice! thanks! I am feeling much better and I will continue to write about all sorts of stuff! that's just me!