Monday, June 14, 2010

I Can Stop Anytime, Really.

I haven't sunk to the point of pawning stuff yet to buy these but...I did forsake any fried pies so I could afford one more pot. Pot of daylily that is. This weekend was a bust as far as accomplishing much around the house but I did get out Sunday to attend this daylily sale and wow! was it worth it. There is a nursery a few miles from my place that specializes in these and one weekend a year they have a big sale with homemade ice cream and fried pies being offered too. If you live anyway near Blount county and have never been to this, and like daylilies, you must go next time. I highly recommend it.
This field is the ones they are currently growing, plus another field, and then they have the ones potted up for sale closer to the road.

The people running the place are super nice and had several educational things about the lilies. The selection and price list was like a small phone book. There must have been a couple hundred varieties it seemed. These are a few examples of the 'ruffled' type. You can see it the best on the yellow one.

I actually limited myself to only three varieties. I got 3 for $10 of one type. Those were on sale. Then I got 2 of another type; 'the Wild One'! Ha! I had picked it out before I saw the name but thought it was quite suitable. Then I got just one of the third variety. The ones I picked were all pretty reasonable but I did notice a few varieties that were upwards of $40-50 a piece.

These are next on my list! these are listed as the 'spider' type and they were huge! The blooms were probably 8-10 inches across.

I have joked (sorta) on here before that it's a law in the south that you must plant daylilies if you have any form of yard at all but this past year I really realized just how ingrained these things are. These orange ones are the oldest (I guess) most basic variety there is and they have actually become so prolific here that they are basically wildflowers now. They grow everywhere, whether anyone plants them or not. Most of our country roads, like this one, will have many large clumps lining them, often times with no houses for great distances. They have just entered the wild realm now.

Well, it has been ungodly hot here for the past week, and I wasn't feeling real sporty this past weekend, so I just took it kinda easy. I have ordered the last of the exterior trim and the shelves for the pantry, so hopefully, this coming weekend will be filled with much activity on my part.


Rusty said...

I would have a terrible time deciding among the many varieties.

Shannon said...

Cool! My mom and I tried to go to that sale last year, but the ads all said "near Blountsville, follow the signs". We went to Blountsville and never saw a single sign and nobody we asked had any idea what we were talking about, so we antiqued and thrift stored instead.

edifice rex said...

Hey Rusty! Oh, I did, believe me!

Hey Shannon! well, I just basically only saw the signs by accident. They are very small and you have to really be looking. I meant to tell them they need to invest in some larger ones. They are actually open all this month for sales but they like for you to call ahead.

Island Rider said...

I love daylilies. They don't grow well in our sandy soil, but if I could I would have a meadow like yours. Love it!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

After reading this post we decided to go and visit a local day lily farm which is generally not open to the public; however it will be this month and next. We will try hard to resist getting carried away, but plan to buy a few varieties becauseday lillies do tend to reproduce well if the orange ones we have are any indication. I'll be taking photos and posting on our blog. Here's the web address of the place we're going -

Beau said...

I'd love to catch that nursery sale... awesome plants. I pretty much have the one, traditional orange. A little color and life would be great. Next year I'm going! Yeah, right... Do they have a catalog?

Grenville T. Boyd said...

We just went to a Daylily sale here on the Eastern Shore. The deal for the day was 10 (of thier choice) for $40. We pick them up in late Aug.