Monday, January 02, 2012

A Cold But Sunny Day

This is the creek that marks the border of my property on one side.  It runs alongside the driveway for a bit as you first come in.  Then the drive turns sharply to the left and runs alongside a smaller creek or stream really.  I need to do some cleaning and clearing so you can see the water better as you drive in.  It's very lovely.  Every morning, after I do the second check and feeding of the chickens, Chigger and I go for a walk down the drive, all the way to the road.  It's not quite a quarter mile round trip.  On nice days I like to sit by the creek for a bit and let it talk to me.  There's an old saying around here that, 'there's a lot of wisdom in a fire'.  Meaning I think, the peace and insight conjured up by the mesmerizing quality of flame would lead one to at least a few decent thoughts.  By that same measure, I think there's a lot of wisdom in a creek also.

And every day Chigger finds a stray limb down by the gate and carries it all the way back to the house.  I figure if I take her on enough walks she may get that whole end of the drive cleaned up.  Most of them are good for kindling so I break them up to put by the stove. 

Today was what we would call 'brisk'.  A stout wind blowing and very clear, cold air.  I hope the wind dies down tomorrow.
Most all of the holiday festivities are over so it was back to the grindstone today.  It's a pleasant grindstone though.  You can't much beat working by a nice warm woodstove making art that people are actually buying! 
And speaking of art and festivities....Ya'll know I adhere to the 12 Days of Christmas right?  Well, most of the celebrations are over but the one last biggy is coming up; 12th Night!  or Epiphany.  Traditionally it is a night for partying and eating and such but I live out in the boonies and it falls on a Thursday this year, so....I am going to have a 12th Night Party here, on the blog.  Now, usually you would bake a King's Cake or similar and inside the cake is a coin or bean.  Whoever gets the coin or token in their slice is crowned "king" and is supposed to have good luck that year.  There are many variations to this depending on your denomination or heritage.  Anyway, you all come by here Thursday and leave a comment.  I will bake something that can be divided up.  I thought about cupcakes but Jack and I have eaten so many sweets and such I may use something else.  Now, whatever it is, it will have a coin inside and I will put a little flag on each section for every person that leaves a comment.  Maybe I'm explaining this right.  Anyway, as we eat whatever this is, we will come across the coin and if your name is on the corresponding flag, you win one of my mugs! and the coin!  Some of you may be more excited about the coin I know, but anyway, I thought it would be fun!  And who knows, there might be some other goody thrown in.

I will accept names from 6 a.m. to midnight Thursday and then start the flagging and eating Friday.  And yes, I will show ya'll the baked product with all the little named flags before the chowing begins.  Fun, Fun!!!  I will probably have 2 or 3 mugs that you can even choose from.
Oh, the picture above is of the spring overspill and the watercress that grows there.  I guess the recent bout of warm weather has brought it forth.  I picked some today and was amazed to taste it was already hot!  Normally it stays mild until the weather gets really warm.
So, don't forget Thursday!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a nice post to read! I loved your description of your daily walk, and the local saying about the fire/wisdom. I agree that water can be the same way. Especially a moving/"talking" creek or stream.

And the photo of Chigger: It made me think of my dog (gone now, sadly) and how he would pick up large sticks (maybe they were almost limbs), and then sort of swagger back with them -- even if he had to have his head cranked over to one side as the branch dragged along. Hee!

And I really like the Twelfth night tradition the way you are going to do it. Your description was perfect. What a fun way to include us all and make the virtual real :)


ErinFromIowa said...

What fun! I will be there with bells on!

Sissy said...

That "green in the spring" picture turned me on so suddenly; that my morning's 'dead body' involuntarily twitched to grab galoshes and check my branch for some watercress; too early this morning, I rationalized and I'd momentarily forgotten the snow and bitter chill outside.

Chigger surely knows his mind and has reason for carrying a limb home every time...pitching in, doing his part of choring. I smiled as I thought of animal intelligence. Then again, he may just be having a frisky happy walk with his favorite walking partner. Who knows?

chickory said...

This reminds me a little of the Mardi Gras King cake...the baby you get in your slice is the good luck. makes sense for CHristmas 12th night to me. Put my name in there - i like mine to have not much icing. ;-)

chigger reminds me of Trout...I have virtually that same photograph. ol drown dog on a gray gravel driveway.

about that watercress...did you seed that or is that a native or what?

edifice rex said...

Hey R! thanks!! yes, Chigger often grabs up a limb that is a little too big really, but still manages to drag it back somehow.

Hey Erin! Great!!

Hey sissy! I have often wondered if chigger has seen us dragging wood up to the house so much that she thinks she is helping in someway. Probably she just likes sticks as most dogs do.

Hey Chic! Great! you know, I have tried many times to visit your art site because I want to purchase a print from you but my computer just will not go there. I will try with my laptop and see what it does. It uses a different operating system. I also can't leave comments on your blog because of this strange thing.
The watercress is native here; which I think is wonderful. There are many, many natural springs in this county and I think all of them have their own batch of cress.
The water has to be very clean for it to grow, or so I've been told.

Ed said...

My brother who lives near Gadsden always sends us up a King Cake near Mardi Gras. We all turn into chow hounds to see who gets the baked in baby.

P.S. I was in your general area on the 26th but when we pulled in it was raining and late. We left the next morning so I didn't have time to look you up in the phone book. I did get a look at the tornado damage on the way out. Always amazes me how people live through things like that.

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! the King's Cake is a new experience for me but it should be fun! especially since I get to eat most of it! lol!
Aw, too bad ya'll didn't have more time. I'm in the book so pretty easy to get ahold of.
Yeah, the tornado damage is still bad most everywhere. It is really astounding.

Anonymous said...


I finally got around to reading all or your recent blogs and the one regarding the cedar tree really hit home. Money was tight growing up and even now Christmas is never right unless we cut down a cedar(though we also put up artificial ones).

I envy the creek on your place, man the times I could spend playing there(you never get too old to play).

Took the whole family up for a week after Christmas, it was fun but a little too busy if you know what I mean. The wife and I plan to make a solo trip around the end of the month.

We went up to Scottsboro and hiked to the Walls of Jericho. It was gorgious but you better be in shape, thought for awhile we'd have to call for help!

Take care, will be seeing you soon I hope,


edifice rex said...

Hey Barry! Ooh, I want to go up the the Walls of Jericho! I've never hiked there.
Yeah, the creek is great!! I play there whenever I can!

Jenn said...

Very cool idea. I like it!