Thursday, January 05, 2012

Happy 12th Day and Night!! (Mug Giveaway!!)

Alright!!  So, today is the 12th Day of Christmas and as promised we are going to be having a party here tonight and I'll be taking comments and names all day if you want to get your name in for the mug drawing!  I would like for ya'll, when you leave your comment, to tell what new plans you may have made for the new year.  Not necessarily resolutions but just something you'd like to accomplish or do this year.  But if don't want to that's okay too; just leave your name for the drawing.  I know I've got a BIG list of stuff I want to do!  
When the party starts, after about 6:00 pm ( and ends at midnight as does your chance to get your name in!)  central time, let's say, I'll be doing sort of a timeline thing.  Updating my post as the night goes along.  Not sure how long I'll last and I'll probably be baking and such as we go.  Ya'll are encouraged to comment all along too.

So, these are the mugs you get to choose from.  (Click on the photo to enlarge and get a better look) I thought I had more of a variety of color but the reds are very popular!  Well, anyway, it's a free mug!  These are my standard size which hold about 12 oz.  They are microwave and dishwasher safe but be aware they get very hot if put in a microwave.  So, let the festivities begin!!  Are any of ya'll having 12th Night parties of your own??  If you are, what does that entail?

*Wow, this many comments and it's only 8:30 a.m. my time!  I may need more cupcakes!  I thought I'd wait until this afternoon before I start baking to maybe get a better idea of how many I need, since the coin has to be put in the batter. Heck, if I get a lot more comments than what I'm thinking now I'll just bake another batch and give away 2 mugs!  On, and you people from Canada put your name in!  I don't think shipping would be too bad.  I've shipped there before and it's not bad for a light mug!

*Hey People! Keep those comments coming!  I'm still trying to decide on a cupcake recipe!  Jack requested something a little on the healthy side; maybe carrot cake or a wheat/ fruit combo.  I know, it's still a cupcake but at least it's not white flour! lol!  I'll be glazing and firing more pottery today but still checking in!  Just talk amongst yourself!

*Hey, here I am again!!  We are about to eat supper and then I have to work on glazing pottery but I'm still here!  I'm really enjoying the comments and appreciate ya'll participating so well.  Hopefully, I'll finish with the pottery in short order and get that firing going so I can check in more often.

*Okay!  I'm back for good!  Finished the pottery and have the kiln loaded and ready to fire.  Well, I'm going to go take a shower and then I'll be back!  Won't take long.  Hey, now, I know I have many readers who have probably read for quite some time but never, ever commented so don't ya'll be shy if you want to get your name in for the drawing.  This isn't just for my regular commenters!

*Hey!!  I got some spiked eggnog and Jack and I are watchin' 'Aliens and Cowboys'!!  It's not near as stupid as I thought it would be!  Besides, it's got Daniel Craig in it!  Wooweee!  That man could eat crackers in my bed anytime! lol!  Oh, I'm kinda leanin' towards chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing now.  There's a real yummy looking recipe for that in this new Cooking Light book I got.

*OK,OK I go t one!!!  My plans for this coming year might get married!!!  Yep! you read that right!!  Maybe, we'll see!! ha!!!! Jack's about talked me into it!  Just kidding, he hasn't had to talk me into anything.  I'm just kinda gun-shy!!!

* Now, ya'll realize it's gonna take a few days for me and Jack to eat through these cupcakes and find the coin.  Well, unless by chance we hit it on the first one!  Anyway, ya'll bear with me!

*OK, I'm up, well, I've been up for some time actually, but anyway, I'll be posting the cupcakes soon with everybody's name on them.  I may have to get Allen to help eat these things!  I got about 19-20 names I think.  This may take a day or so or three!  Jack is sick so I'm having to take care of all the animals and I'm firing and have several other things to do today. LOL!  But I'll be back soon!


Island Rider said...

This year, we want to spend more time with our parents in small groups not in big family gatherings where you can't hear anyone talk.

Tonight, we are not really have a 12th night party, though now that you mention it, I could add a coin into the cake. Youngest son's fiancee leaves for college on Saturday, so we are having a dinner party in her honor tonight. We will miss her, but she won't be that far away and it will be a growing experience for her to go away to school.

Woody said...

Hopefully our barn will be in full use for this year.

page said...

I want to make good blackberry wine, not the embalming fluid I ended up with this year....even willing to harvest in horrid heat.
And grow some tasty new plants in the garden.
AND come to some sort of agreement with the kitten-sized moles that taunt me.
This is fun, I'll be watching to see what you cook. Will it be bean or coin that wins?

Lisa in Bammer said...

I'm going to control my money instead of my money controlling me. When I look at how much I waste each week, it just makes me sick. I love your blog and check it every day for new posts but I'm one of those lurkers who rarely comments. Keep up the good work!

Lisa in Bammer said...

P.S. I loved your post from the 23rd. I also grew up with cedar trees for Christmas trees but somebody had to tell me we were poor because I didn't know we were! I thought everybody lived like we did!

Ed said...

This year all my energy is focused into transitioning into our new life. My wife will finally finish her training and move back home, home will probably move to a different town twenty miles away, and just getting everything settled in will take up most of my time I suspect. Whenever I move, there is always a long list of projects to improve things before you get too settled into the new digs. A fifth mug to go with the four I have on order would be just the ticket to sit and contemplate these changes over a hot beverage.

Sissy said...

I intend to make it the best year ever! Hope to get some sewing projects of past years finished and start a few more. Nothing like the present for dreaming of a good future with plenty of activity to keep that blood moving. A new coffee mug would lift my spirit, I just bet ;>)

tammy (cat lover grendel fan) said...

Would love to have one of your mugs. I read but post only once in a while. Enjoy your blog as one of my favorites. (i'm the grendel fan)
We have a couple of properties would like to finish up and sell and some upgrades on our own house as well.

Anonymous said...

Neighbor from the back of your woods.....I hope there is "less" of me this time next year! Would like one of your mugs - bought a small crock pot and pie plate last year and the wife loves them!

edifice rex said...

Hey Everybody!! Yay!! thanks for all the comments so far! they're great! and great plans everybody has!

Ed, the chemical I needed for the glaze came in yesterday so I'll be glazing today.
Neighbor, so glad to hear your wife is enjoying those pieces! I remember you coming by and purchasing them!

Anonymous said...

This year, we plan to 'shop' more from our freezer.
Already enjoyed a 2 year old soup!
Also want to be a better friend this year!
Peg on Vancouver Island
PS Make very small cupcakes!!

HermitJim said...

WOW! Good thing I came over when I did! Looks like the party has already started!

For the new year...I'm thinking I need to get out of the city more and go to the country! Something about actually being to hear the birds, smell the trees and flowers can give me more peace of mind than anything I know!

Those are really nice mugs! Just right for the Hermit to carry his coffee in!

What a shock! The hermit at a party!

edifice rex said...

Hey Peg and Jim! those both sound like great goals for the year! I always feel that I'm not as good a friend as I should be and try to work on that too.
I think you'll fit right in at this party Hermit!

Adrianna said...

This is the year we go solar with the water heater. We're building a room for long term food storage and mechanicals for future off grid power. I love your pottery and your blog keep up the good work.

ErinFromIowa said...

Goals. I want to clean and oil my sewing machine. Feeling the urge to sew some stuff. Also I want to start a hanging tillandsia garden in the SW corner of my living room.
I vote for carrot cake!
The two tone mug sure is pretty.

Pablo said...

Happy 12th Night!

After work we took the dogs to the off leash area and let them run and chase sticks. Now we're home having some nice Sadaf tea that our Moslem friends gave us as an Xmas gift. No big plans for the night beyond that.

For the year I see a couple of out-of-town weddings I'll be attending, and I have a lot of vacation hours to burn, so I may do some travel.

Sal in Maine said...

Looking forward to finishing our site work after 4 years of living with mud and rocks. REALLY hoping that by the end of construction season 2012 the excavator and dumptruck will be going to live in someone else's yard and we can focus on the house itself. Happy 12th!

edifice rex said...

Hey Adrainna, Erin and Pablo! Wow, such great plans and I see a definite trend here in the DIY, self-sufficiency way. That's great.
I'm leaning towards the carrot cake myself Erin.
We want to do a little more travel this year too Pablo. Hey, what is Sadaf tea like? That sounds interesting; I like all kinds of tea.

Anonymous said...

Good evening!

1) Continuing my effort (started in earnest a few months ago) to get some "administrative" things done and GONE that have been hanging around taking up mental energy (it's two steps forward and one back, seriously, waiting for people, calls, etc. ugh!)

2) Also organize/tidy physical stuff so that I can...

3) Figure out where I would like to live next and move away from a place that's not really me (moved here for a job); find community/friends in the new place (I have friends but they are scattered around the country - that's fine but it's nice to have someone you can have coffee or go for a bike ride with).

4) Maybe find some property? Tied in with #3.

5) Try to find some exercise/conditioning routine.

6) Take a trip(s) and feel like, yes, I deserve to do this (vs. feeling guilty like I shouldn't).

Twelfth Night celebration: Why yes, this cool woman is making cupcakes and having a party/mug give-away and inviting all her blog friends to take part... :)


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Annie, we've been on the road today and so I almost missed the party invite! We're on a post holiday trip to visit family in NJ, PA, RI and saw everyone and are now once again in NH for a week long stay. Our plans for this year include serious downsizing and working hard to sell our home on the VA eastern shore and relocate, hence this second NH visit. We really liked the area when we spent a month here last Oct and now want to check out possible housing locations.
And like yourself, I want to return to corresponding with people, but the old fashioned way by writing. Also agree with a comment made by Lisa about watching spending more carefully. We dont consider ourselves spendthrifts, but there aree always ways to conserve more.
The mugs are all lovely and it would be great to enjoy a cup of tea in one.I will check back later to find out what you decided to bake.

Floridacracker said...

I'm hoping to finish several unfinished parts of various remodeling jobs Ive done around here.
A missing piece of trim here, a spot of paint there.

Started a second round of P90x for my own personal remodeling.

Bikini season is just around the corner, after all.


HermitJim said...

Carrot cake? Did I hear someone mention carrot cake?

I KNEW there was a reason I came back again!

This just gets better and better!

edifice rex said...

Hey Anon-R and Bea! Wow, sounds like ya'll gonna be pretty busy this year! Best of luck on both of your plans!
Oh yeah, FC, like you need remodeling for bikini season! ha!!
Hey Jim! well, now i'm thinking chocolate!! ha!

Rurality said...

I can tell you're excited! Because of all the exclamation points!!!

Married? For real? I'm picturing the bachelorette party already... :)

Rurality said...

Oh, you're going to register at a hardware store, I just know it... ;)

Curmudgeon said...

I plan on finally getting a job this year and start walking. My knee feels better (after a year of surgeries)
than it has since I was sixteen.

Readers,I have one of her mugs and it is something to covet!

Happy 12th

edifice rex said...

Hey Karen! Yea!! I'm excited!! ha!! I'm also half liquored up t the moment! Hey, registering at a hardware store is great idea!!

Hey Dan! well, i sincerely hope that happens for yu bud!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon-R and Bea! Wow, sounds like ya'll gonna be pretty busy this year! Best of luck on both of your plans!

Weeeel, maybe I should have said "some possible goals to work towards" :D It did come out sounding like a pretty big list - I guess I got a bit carried away, but... I love lists!

Your plans certainly sound like they're shaping up ;)

Now I'm craving spiked eggnog, and I don't even like eggnog?!

Pablo said...

Recovering from your partying?

Hmmm. Maybe there's another wedding I'll be traveling to this year.

page said...

well, I came here this morning to see who got the coin only to hear wedding bells??? WONDERFUL!!! LOVE the idea of registering at a hardware store, perfect. Hope you're still in fine fettle this morning after last night's debauchery. Eat those darn cupcakes, did you make the choc chip ones? do we get to see pics? I know, you're probably sleeping it off, get up, get up, eat cupcakes!

Tom Stewart said...

2012 plans (hopes?).
Keep better records of the garden.
Get Rabbits and Chickens!
Rabbits soon, Like today! Keeping my fingers crossed!
The cupcakes sound so good, Could I have two? (maybe a coin in each one?).
I like the one on the left!

edifice rex said...

Hey Anon-R! Oh, I thought your list sounded fine! I make big long ones too but at least most of it gets done!

Hey Pablo! Yes, I'm slowly recovering! ha! Yeah! I have to wait to see if I'm going back out of town before I can make plans (a date) though. It would be great to have some blogger friends present since most of my family wouldn't care much about it.

Hey Page! I working on it I swear!! lol! See how I sacrifice for you dear readers? Scarfing down all those cupcakes for ya'll! ha!

Hey Tom! Ah, i need to keep better garden records myself! Welcome!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Sorry I missed the party. I have been recovering from returning from two weeks in the big city celebrating the holiday season.

It seem you had a successful old Christmas celebration with your online pals.

Happy New Year.

edifice rex said...

Hey Philip! Yeah, I'm sorry you missed it too! I figured maybe you had gone to visit kin or friends.
Happy New Year too!