Friday, January 06, 2012

Let The Nomming Begin!!! (Updating!)

 Alright! Here we go!!  Now, I swear I did this as fair and anonymously as I could.  Since ya'll were so good to comment so much, and are such sweeties anyway, I decided to give 2 mugs away!  To 2 separate people now, not 2 mugs to one person! ha!  So, dropped in 2 pennies and stirred well.  I was surprised that I absolutely could not tell where those pennies went after I stirred them in.  I guess they're still in there?

I made up little teeny flags with everybody's name on one.  There were 20 people entered by the way.  I turned the flags around backwards so I couldn't see the names and placed one in each cupcake.  Not that I had any idea which 2 cupcakes have the penny, but anyway.

So, here we go!  I guess I should have just had a bunch of cupcakes already made and then been able to start eating last night but then, you don't know how many people are going to enter...or I guess I should have had ya'll enter your names a week ago or something so all of this would have been ready last night.  Well, anyway...this is the way we're doing it this year!  Now, as we eat the cupcakes some of you will be eliminated because your cupcake will be empty, so do ya'll want me to post who gets eliminated as it happens??  Or just announce the winners at the end?
And good luck to everybody!!

*Okayy, the first winner is......................Pablo!!  Since Pablo is probably one of, if not my #1 long-time reader, he deserves to finally get something out of this blog!  I started to say oldest reader but that didn't sound right! ha!  So, Pablo, email me your address and you get first pick of the mugs!

I will also take the opportunity to report that Woody, Hermit Jim and Ed have been eliminated.  Sorry!  Burp!

* Update!  As of now, Sissy and my Backwood Neighbor have been eliminated.  Sorry ya'll!  I'm not sure we can eat anymore tonight but I think I'll enlist Allen to put down a few for the cause.  He probably won't mind!

*More updates!!  We're slowing down a little on the cakes but we managed to get 3 more down today!  Unfortunately, Adrianna, Chicory and Island Rider have been eliminated.  Better luck next time ladies!


Ed said...

I just can't stand the excitement!

Curmudgeon said...

After you find the pennies, can I have the left over cupcakes?

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! Apparently Jack can't either 'cause he's going through these cupcakes like crazy! lol!

Hey Dan! Left over sweets? With Jack around? Riight. ha!!

Anonymous said...

I vote for the way (which I think you're already doing) of letting us know each time you do or don't find a penny. That way we, too, can draw out the excitement (especially for the people who are still "in" as it gets closer and closer to the second penny).

Of course you could get the second penny on the sixth cupcake, but still.

Such a fun idea. Also, I wish I could eat one of those cupcakes! Mmmm....


page said...

I LOVE the blow by blow, adds to the fun. I really want a cupcake now. They look delish, this is fun, Congrats Pablo!

Phelan said...

ok this is too fun. :D

Sal in Maine said...

Congratulations to Pablo! Yes-please keep updating! Although I have to admit that if I don't win a mug I am ready to order a mug (or four!)

Sissy said...

Yay for Pablo. Maybe you should really stretch this out awhile. 20 cupcakes are a lot of cakes...I should know! Looking at yours makes me want to jump up and bake something...anything that's luscious and sweet. btw, what flavor are those lovelys?

Leave it to Curmudgeon to have this thought. Haha.

Wondering if you got the pumpkin seeds. Hope the PO didn't squeeze them through the canceling machine.

edifice rex said...

Hey Anon-R! yeah, I think this way is pretty cool! The cupcakes are pretty good; I'll post the recipe in a day or two.

Hey Page and Phelan! Yay! I'm glad ya'll are enjoying this. I'm having a ball with it too!

Hey Sal! Hey, that sounds good! ha!

Hey sissy! Yeah, we got 6 down today but I think I'm slowing down quite a bit. lol! they are chocolate with cream cheese icing.
yes, I did get the seeds. I thought i posted a comment on your blog letting you know i got them but maybe i didn't, or put it on mine. Not sure now. :D
Anyway, got them! I appreciate it; they were in fine shape. I'll send your packet soon.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for the blow-by-blow description or is that burp-by-burp. Anyway, those cupcakes sure look good - cream cheese icing on chocolate cake - yummy!

ErinFromIowa said...

Oh! The excitement and anticipation!
Am I talking about cupcakes or a wedding? Both! You will have the most awesome DIY wedding ever!

Island Rider said...

Wedding? Is there something I do not know?

edifice rex said...

Hey Bea! Yeah, they are yummy! I'm not much of a sweet eater so I had to make something really good.

Hey Erin! Yeah, I think it would be a pretty cool wedding!

Hey IR! Ha! Maybe read near the end of the last post!

Sal in Maine said...

I missed the wedding reference on the way by also- congratulations or felicitations or whatever one is supposed to say! What an excellent way to start the new year!

HermitJim said...

I think this was a fun way to have a drawing...even if I did get eliminated and didn't get a cupcake!

I knew we could count on you to figure out something new and fun for all of us!

Wishing you and Jack all the best luck this new year!

Woody said...

Good thing this isn't a televised event.

edifice rex said...

Hey Sal! thanks! well, we haven't set anything in stone yet but we've been talking. :)

Hey Jim! thanks hon! best wishes to you too.

Hey Woody! Ha! really!

chickory said...

well, my thighs said its just as well. but what a charming set of name flags!! and it looked good. mmmmmmmmmmm. next time...when i am not so chunked up with holiday feast. right?