Sunday, January 22, 2012

Things I Have Seen Lately

Jack and I have taken a couple of day trips lately, just to get out a little and have some fun while the homestead is kinda slow.

These were solid silver, made completely by hand.  There were probably 20 animals in the exhibit.  The details were exquisite.

We were also scoping out a few new galleries where I might could possibly exhibit my work.  It's funny; these days I often find myself inspecting the structure of the building more than the art.  Especially if it's old, board-formed concrete like was in this place.  No luck here however.  They specialize in "outsider" or folk art.  Outsider means no university degree, so that leaves me out.

This was an example of folk art that just blew me away.  Normally, that genre is not really my thing but this lady had a gift.  Outstanding design and composition.

Thought this was kinda neat and it was rather large.  I have always been partial to "junk" or found object sculpture.  I hope to get back to doing some of my own soon.


ErinFromIowa said...

What was the medium on the folk art? I hope I said that correctly. I do enjoy when you blog about your outings.

MamaHen said...

Hey Erin! yes, you said that just fine! I believe it was acrylic paint.

CHickory said...

that is hilarious -we have a huge folk art outsider show in august...chock full of MFA's. I like the big junk sculpture!

page said...

Where was that exhibit? Would love to see the animals. We're thinking of a southern jaunt to battle the winter angst, this place looks right up my street, love the junk bird too.

MamaHen said...

Hey Chic! Really?! ha! around here they generally are really "outsiders". I know one guy that was in the exhibit I actually went to college with but, as far as I know, he eventually dropped out without getting his degree. He just could not deal with deadlines and the strictness of the craftsmanship they wanted.

Hey Page! these were two different places; the silver animals and the bird being at the Huntsville Museum of Art. They also have a hot glass exhibit there now that is cool. It's not a big museum by any stretch but it's not bad.

Anonymous said...

I love that dragon and since I am living in Asia and this is the year of the dragon, it was so appropriate. Thanks for the post--as always, I loved it. Sarah