Monday, October 13, 2008

Chew On This

Alright, ya'll have been way too quiet for too long! I know you're out there 'cuz I sees you. So, I'm going to try and make you talk. I know my readers just can't help but to try and be helpful and I need some input on something. Nothing earth shattering or anything, just some ideas.
OK, so I've run out of new, appetizing stuff to take for lunch at work. Now, before you scoff at me, food to us is very important! We have to eat certain things to be able to keep our strength up all day and I try to eat pretty healthy and organic also. Put that with the fact that we usually have to eat out in the field, where a microwave or such is a bonafide luxury and let me tell you, this job I'm on now is not fancy. We do have our tricks though, such as putting food that needs to be warmed up on the dash of our trucks or on the engine compartment of some of the machines but for the most part it helps to take food that can be eaten cool. In the summer, it's not much of a big deal because you don't feel like eating too much anyway. Just some fruit and crackers or something. But now that the weather is cooling off my appetite has returned and my girlish figure is becoming not so girlish. So, I'm trying to drop a few pounds also.
I try to have about a 50/50 mix of protein-carbs to maintain energy and avoid muscle fatigue. So, for breakfast I have a toasted cheese with a thin slice of ham or chicken on 1 piece of whole wheat bread and some unsweet tea. For morning break usually some lowfat, organic yogurt and 1/2 peanut butter sandwich (whole wheat) with a small 100 calorie Coke. Yeah, yeah, I do drink one coke a day. Today I cut out the PB sammich and just had a few crackers with my yogurt. Lunch is sometimes a ham sam or rollup or a cold pork chop or chicken leg. I'll have a small salad and some fruit and crackers too. I also sometimes take a deviled egg, some granola, lowfat spinach dip, maybe some pita bread etc. I always take 2-3 servings of fruit to eat throughout the day also. Unsweet tea with lunch.
So, any ideas for something different? And FC, the banana and a bottle of water ain't gonna do, honey. I would dry up and blow away on that! LOL! Seriously, if any of you have some ideas I would love to hear them.


Pablo said...

I usually just have a granola bar for lunch.

Are Moonpies an option?

And, really, you shouldn't have to call it "unsweet tea." All tea should be considered unsweetened unless someone has violated it by putting in sugar. I'm just sayin.

Ed Abbey said...

One of my favorite out in the field lunches is pizzones or personal sized "hot pockets". Not sure what you might call them down south in Alabama. I'll have to ask my brother in Talladega. I make a spinach and sausage one, a ham and cheese one, regular pizza one, white pizza (feta and artichokes) one, and the possibilities are endless. I bake them up ahead of time and eat them cold. You can even prepare them and freeze them ahead so all you need to do is bake some the night before and take to work.

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! A granola bar? like ONE? granola bar.... I'd pass out half way to quitting time! Ha!
No, moonpies are not an option. Bleh!
Well, down here in Sweetened and Fried To Death country, all tea is considered sweet unless someone forgets what they're doing. But I'm with you; better unsweet.

Hey Ed! That sure sounds good; I'll have to try that. Thanks so much for the idea! The feta and artichokes sound delicious.
You have a brother in Talladega!? It's real pretty out that way with the national forest and all.

Aunty Belle said...

When I travels an wanna avoid airport food (yick!) I keep a bag of walnuts and dried apricots and dried cranberries in my tote-on bag. Fer long trips, I smash up a few granola bars to mix in wif' that walnut apricot mix--it is a hearty in-betweener. Really good if ya add in some chocolate chips!!

Fer easy lunches, mebbe keep a big ziploc bag of cooked brown rice in yore ice box. To make lunch, put some rice in a plastic carry container, add in whatever yore leftover meat might be that day, some diced veggies (carrots, green oinions is nice) an' to eat as a main dish, let the dash heater warm it, or, as the Middle Easterners do, eat it room temp. But splash it wif' a good olive oil and some balsamic vinegar and it is a main -dish salat.

How can all that physicality still leave ya wantin' to drop a few pounds? I'se thinkin' youse a rail from all that hard work!

Floridacracker said...

Now, The banana and water was just to keep my heart beatin' when I was in too much of a hurry to get on the water and couldn't be bothered with makin' a Dagwood sandwich.

I like a whole grain bagel with Smuckers natural PB on it for a pretty good carb/protein blend ... and it's filling for lunch. Toss in a banana and a yoplait and I'm good to go.

When I worked construction as a grunt laborer... I ate a hell of a lot more than that ... course I was 18 with a corresponding metab and I was diggin' footers and tying steel all day.

Nuts are good unless you overdo it, I find almonds work pretty good to supress hunger.

I really like the(Chocolate Peanut) Special K meal replacement protein (10g) bars. About a 170 cals, but with a big drink of water, they seem to keep me going for a while.

Cheezits and beef jerky tossed into a ziploc bag work for me when I need to eat without stopping.

You can tell Pablo is above the sweet tea line ... around here if you don't specify "unsweet" you get syrup tea.

... and don't go all Twiggy on us. Girls need curves.

edifice rex said...

Hey Aunty! That all sounds great; in fact, I just happened to make rice tonight for supper, so I mixed some leftover shredded pork in it with some onions etc. and will take that tomorrow! the nuts and apricots are a great idea too.
Oh, and I'm nowhere near a "rail"! LOL! I'm slim, kinda, just my pants fitting a little tighter than I'd like.

Hey FC! Well, I didn't think you went the banana/water thing all the time but I had to poke at you just a little! ;) I always have a banana with breakfast too.
I'll try the Special K bars and sometimes I do take a little baggy of Cheezits. Yeah, most people don't understand the tea around here unless they've experienced it. Ack!
And don't worry, I'm nowhere near Twiggy (and I even know who that is!)! My bicep would make one of her.

Gary said...

I wish I could help, but I just sit on my butt all day and drink coffee...

Then I eat like a boa constrictor, one gigantic meal, then lay around and groan for the night while digesting...

Never works if we're doing anything physical around here, I end up slamming a bunch of candy bars or eating an entire bag of chips (all natural lays thick cut sea salt, natural white cheddar cheetos, or a variety of Kettle Chips are my usual fare)...

Floridacracker said...

Well, I wasn't sure about the Twiggy reference ... that was a while ago!
I left off apples, Annie. From a snackin' viewpoint, there's no wrapper, they're pretty satisfying and energizing.

edifice rex said...

Hey Gary! Well, I would lay around and groan also, if I ate that! Ha! I do like the Lays natural chips too though.

Hey FC! Well, I'm from a while ago too!
Yeah, I eat apples pretty regular; several a week. They are good for break time food.

Aunty Belle said...

On Twiggy and her modern day clones--I'se happy to hear FC likes curves an' wish more men would say so in the presence of daughters and nieces--in Italy they ran a billboard campaign showin' a nekkid girl chile of 18 who was anorexic and ill. Caption cautioned young women that starvation was not beautiful and the runway designers of Milan were disqualified if they used models too thin or too young. Fer the sake of our girl chillen' we need to git back some balance on body image.

edifice rex said...

Hey Aunty! From my experience, and I hear from a lot of men, most like a woman with some curves. It's the media's force feeding of bizarre, psychotic crap through the drug of TV and magazines that makes people believe that another image is more desirable. Just like they tell people that they need more stuff. Society needs to stand up and tell the media to cram it. But yes, we need a healthy body image for women and men.