Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why Do You Think They Call It Programming?

These photos don't have anything to do with the subject of this post but I hate to not put up pics of something and the photos of my garden are just not that exciting on their own, so I combine the two! This is some unknown little flower that grows around the house. The blooms are tiny!

This is one of my cabbage plants. I put my hand in there for scale. I believe they are just starting to form the heads. I have never grown cabbage before so don't really know what is going on with them but they know what to do. My brussel sprouts are doing well also.

This is Mexican tarragon. I believe it has another common name but that slips my mind at the time. I grow this solely for the beautiful, dark yellow blossoms at summer's end. It smells, sickeningly enough, like anise or licorice, which I despise. It is a very hardy perennial though.

People often ask me how I find time to plant a garden, work around the house etc. and work a full time job or they (mostly the guys at work) express curiosity about how I spend my free time, seeing as how it is just me here. Ya'll know I don't feel that I get much done here a lot of the time but a good many people seem surprised, especially when they see my place, that I have so many projects going on and do this and that.
First off, I have no family to take care off and so that frees a lot of time. I'm astounded by the couples I see that have small children to care for, and one another, and still build their own place and farm and all sorts of things. I think these people are really the strong ones. Granted, if I had a husband, a little more work might get done because it could continue even though say, I have to go prepare a meal, but I still say that my lack of obligations allow me the time and energy to do this stuff. Because of that, I realize that the way I am building my house is not realistic for most people. Nevertheless, maybe what I do can give other people some ideas.
Secondly, I do not watch TV. I think that it is one of the great tragedies of our society. Now, there are a few good shows and I do have a TV and subscribe to cable, though it is the most basic of the basic, in order to watch a little weather and news. I do enjoy Antiques Roadshow and CBS Sunday Morning but that is about it. Television has just become a great cancer on our brains and society has formed some very unhealthy and frankly, disturbing habits and tastes due to it's influence. Now, I know I may sound like a nut to some at this point but some of the shows I see on TV nowadays are just gross. There seems to be some kind of morbid obsession with watching crime shows and situations that promote conflict or just outright severe hostility towards complete strangers (such as the spouse swapping shows etc). Now, I don't mind the occasional cop show but what, there are like 42 different ones now? And they take great delight in physically showing, in graphic detail, every possible way in which a person can be mutilated in death. I don't get this and if it's not that type show it's some cartoon that is just filled with juvenile "shock' humor. To me, that stuff is thought up by people that are not smart enough to be witty or clever. Everything is about degrading, embarrassing or humiliating another person and I am disheartened to see that our society apparently embraces that crap. We are being taught to be stupid and mean to each other.
I realize there are some good documentaries and nature programs on and I enjoy them also but for the most part, it really makes me wonder if the rest of the world really likes this stuff and I'm the nut, or do people just stare at it and go on about their business, not caring what is being fed to them. And don't get me started about having a TV in your bedroom. Now, I know I'm going to offend some of you with this one but I can't help it. (Oh, God, maybe the TV has more effect on me than I thought!) LOL! Anyway, there are two things you do in the bedroom and watch TV is NOT one of them. The guys at work are always astonished that I get all worked up about this but come on! If you have a beautiful partner to share your bed with, please, turn the damn TV off. And I don't mean you have to, uh, well, you know, but you could just talk.... or whatever. Believe me, if I had a good man to lie in my bed, that TV might even be out in the yard somewhere in a few pieces.
It is all just a symptom of the greater illness of Disconnectedness. Live your own life during the precious, little time that you have here, instead of watching someone else's fake life on TV.


Pablo said...

I thought this post was going to be about writing software code.

I watch very little TV and could easily get by without it if it broke. (Couldn't get by without visiting your blog though. That's a sort of connectedness.)

Ed Abbey said...

I grew up for 18 years without a television so I agree with your assessments, even though I own two now and...gulp, one in the bedroom. The only time they are on are for the evening news, if something good is on PBS or like you, CBS Sunday morning show. The one in the bedroom mostly collects dust unless on the rarest of occasions there is a good movie on and the Mrs. wants to snuggle to stay warm while watching it. Now that I have a daughter, I've been contemplating throwing both out on the lawn.

Floridacracker said...

I think you are right on the money!
You really have to pick through tons of garbage tv to find the worthwhile shows.
They certainly are the minority.

I like your TV/bedroom philosophy too.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more ER. I still restrict shows watched, and my 2 are 15 & 20! I don't want that crap in our house, and I'm no prude.

I refuse to have any TVs in bedrooms and will till the day I die lol

We watch mostly docos on the nature & discovery channels. I cannot abide gratuitous violence etc and thankfully most of the house agrees.

I wish we could go back to the 50-60's TV style, old movies, family orientated stuff, no sex, no swearing, no violence, suspense instead of graphics....sadly I don't think we will see those days again.


edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! Software code? Are you speaking English?
I'm happy you enjoy my little blog, and yes, that's connectedness!

Hey Ed! I like PBS too; they have some really good concerts on there sometimes and I enjoy the "American Masters" series.
Well, snuggling together to watch a movie is within the acceptable limits.;)

Hey FC! Yeah, it's a good philosophy; now to find someone to use it on! Ha!

Hey Molly! Yeah, I have never thought of myself as prudish either; the stuff (programs)are just stupid. I really like the bios and nature things too. and anything about the arts.