Friday, October 17, 2008

Touch Of Gray

Well, I'm in one of those funks again where 'm not sure what I want to post about or can't get my thoughts together enough to write anything coherent of any length. Not down, just distracted I guess. We have gone back on 5/8's now at work so I went in today even though it was raining some. It just got harder after we got tools out and then this truck pulls down into the unfinished building (he was supposed to be on the other addition) and then decides he can't get back up out of the building. The only way in and out for these 18 wheelers is up and down a hill. So, one of our boys had to halfway unload him so he could pull out. We all got wet and muddy, stomped our feet a little and pouted, so the boss said we could go home. A typical rainy day in our business. I had a bunch of errands to run in town so didn't actually make it home until afternoon.

When I did make it home, it was time for Grendal's annual bath. She has some kind of dermatitis on her back that makes her very itchy, so every once in a while I bathe her and moisturize her back. Believe it or not, she doesn't put up much of a fuss. She meows some but mostly just sits in the sink while I soap her up and rinse her off. She gets some kitty treats afterward for being so good.
So, boring post. Not much going on at the house. Work is still continuing on installation of the wood stove. I just need one more section of pipe on the outside of the house but my money has been held up from the side job I did last month, so I'm not sure when I will be able to complete this project. I'm using double walled insulated pipe because the stove came with it but I lack about 6' to reach the roof. Since I had so much of that pipe already, I'd rather go ahead and buy enough to complete it rather than start over with just regular pipe. It just looks better also.
My sister has set me up on a semi-blind date tomorrow night. I'm not really looking forward to it. I talked to the guy on the phone last night and it just doesn't look good. I hate to be pessimistic but I'm trying to keep an open mind. He might be nicer in person. I have a crappy attitude right now about some men. Not all men, just trying to date them or maybe, them trying to date me, not that I actually get that many with that on their mind. One of the main detriments I think to working around so many men and for so many years, is that I think you become sort of immune (I'm not sure the right word) to them. They lose some of their mystique, if you will. Aren't women drawn to men partially because they can do such impressive, manly things, like build and lift and demolish and such? But I know I can do all those things and often times it's not that hard, so I find myself thinking, just get the hell away from me and let me finish this on my own. Now, I know that sounds mean and bitchy but I don't think that when it is one of my real buddies that is assisting me. Just when some guy, that I can tell is trying to make some time, thinks he is going to show me how great he is or how I could profit so much by his presence. Is that mean of me? Now, I know many real, highly impressive men that I respect greatly but these bulls****ers that think I'm going to fall at their feet because they can hook up a toilet just piss me off. And it's not because I think 'I'm all that', I think I've just gotten tired and cranky. I hope this does not come off as sounding like a rant about men; it's not. I adore my men friends and they are good folks. I've just lost that ideal of finding 'the one'. There is not a match for everyone.
In the past few years, I've only been really impressed by the sheer manliness of a guy one time. I think you would know it was the Switchman. Despite our embarrassing intro, he was an unique gentleman and the guys would watch in utter amazement as I would just melt into a babbling pool of adoring goo every time this man came around. See, they are my work buddies only and as such, I never speak of any of them in a way that might suggest that I find some of them attractive (even though I do) or something similar, so they are not used to me getting all "googly-eyed" as they put it. Even now, when I fail to notice some guy they think I should or tell one to go away, they just look at each other and say, "Well, I guess he's no Switchman."

*Grateful Dead


Anonymous said...

Perhaps not tired & cranky ER, perhaps you have just become secure & comfortable enough within your own skin to not "need" a man on your arm as some women do.


tammy (kitty lover, builder) said...

Poor grendal kitty. Suprised kitty takes his bath so well. Every cat i had would throw a claw fit if you put them any where near water. So grendal kitty gets treats for being a good cat. (awww!!)
You should feel sorry for the poor guys that try to get your attention by being their usual masculine selfs and you don't melt like all the rest. They are probably crushed you don't melt and bat your eyelashes. ha ha
Give the blind date a chance as a friend only then see what you think. Dating has such expectations and awkwardness but I think thats great that you're still giving it a try. It is too easy to get to comfortable with your "own way of doing things" and the friends you have now. Change is tough but sometimes worth the effort. And, if it turns out not so great at least you got a "warm" up for the next time, which might work out okay.
Enjoyed your work post, though i haven't commented. I will look differently at stores when i'm in them the next time. I would have never though that you stacked concrete wall panels as they cured and i would have been scared on lifting them as well. Especially since there wasn't any holes to even dive to if they collapsed.

You seem to get a lot done between your job, building, side jobs, garden, pottery, etc.. How do you seem to keep productive. You must not watch much tv like the rest of us boob tubers.

Give grendel kitty an extra treat and pet from me.

pablo said...

I want to make sure I have this right. It's your CAT that you get to give a bath and rub in lotion, not your blind date, right?

Floridacracker said...

Well, I work mostly with women and they are still mysterious to me, although they tell me I understand them ... maybe it's 'cause I can't talk football stats ... who knows?

In deference to your superior skill and knowledge, I have a question.
I am getting ready to mount an 8 foot long, 4 inch thick, 1 foot wide cypress mantle on a stud/drywall wall. It's fairly heavy and won't actually rest on the faux stone that will surround the firebox.
I need to support it.

What do you think of this idea?
I plan to locate my studs and then screw in two evenly spaced 3/8 inch threaded rods to support the mantle.

The mantle will be predrilled using a 1X4 board as a template for the rod/stud locations.

The mantle holes will be countersunk on the front so after putting washer and nut to the rods, I can put a flush wood plug over them.

Two support pieces (corbels?) will help hold the mantle too.

Does that sound reasonable or am I missing something?

Sorry to bug you ... especially when you are out on a blind date, but you know more about construction than anyone I "know".

Hope the date went well.

Pretty awesome that you can bathe a cat.
I didn't think it was possible :)

Woody said...

Won't the hair stick to your tongue?...

edifice rex said...

Hey Molly! Well, I have become very secure in who I am and mostly, will not accept a man that will not support or compliment my way of life. But I still feel cranky sometimes! lol!

Hey tammy! Well, I do try not to be mean spirited to the guys unless they say something really offensive. Then I blast away! LOL! I'm willing to try to meet guys from all walks and give them all a fair shake. If nothing else you often make a decent friend that might help you later.
Yeah, the tilt panels are neat but scary! i especially wanted to show them because most people do not realize so many buildings are built that way. glad you enjoyed the posts.
Well, I wish I was more productive but yes, you are right, I almost never watch TV. It sucks so much time out of our lives and is really just not worth anything. Every once in a while I will watch a movie or something on public TV but most nights I never even turn it on. Grendal says thanks for the extra pet!

Pablo! Well, at least this time around, yeah.

Hey FC! Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I had company today that came earlier and stayed later than I thought they would. I'm honored that you would ask me about your mantle and don't mind helping at all, if I can.
Your idea seems fine but I'm wondering what you mean when you say, 'screw the threaded rods into the studs'. Are you using the combination rods that are threaded for wood on one end and machine threaded on the other? If not, are you going to glue the rods in someway?
You might consider just gluing a metal dowel (about 3/4")into the studs and drilling your holes into the mantle so that it will fit snugly over the dowels. then just shove the mantle onto the dowels (with or without glue) You might need to encourage it with a rubber mallet. then you could pre-drill one hole in each corbel (which is either screwed to the mantle or attached via a bracket on the back) to run a small lag screw through the corbel and into the wall studs. either use a bolt with a decorative head or countersink and plug. that way you don't have two big plugs in your mantle. there is nothing wrong with that but I just hate to mar the face of such a nice piece of lumber.
If you have free access to the other side of this wall that the mantle is going on, you might consider running about a 10" lag screw completely through the wall from that opposite side and into the mantle, which you have predilled. now, of course, you will have to patch the sheetrock on the other side but you can countersink your lag screws into the sheetrock, so that the heads are flush against that outer edge of stud, and just mud over them.
If I used lag screws or threaded rod I would go 5/8", at least. I believe the 3/8" will bend or could just shear off.
I hope I have not completely confused you now. Please ask me to clarify if I'm not making sense. You're not bugging me at all.

Hey Woody! Well, yeah, but I just take a little cod liver oil and you should see the hairball I can hack up the next day!