Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Oh, don't worry, it's not another suggestive title, just a nod to the impending Halloween! I have learned a valuable lesson this fall as far as home building goes. Never build a house with a metal roof directly under an oak tree or a tree that produces nuts or any other large, hard round thing that can fall off in the middle of the night, smacking the metal roof and scare the absolute bejeebies out of you. And when the wind gusts and a bunch of the acorns fall at once, it can sound like a freaking machine gun. I leave for work before the sun comes up and last week I had gone out to start my truck and was coming back inside for just a moment. Keep in mind that it is completely dark around my house, totally surrounded by thick woods and I am a total, clumsy dork. As I neared the steps going up to the deck, one of this giant acorns decided that was the best time to make it's descent. It hit the roof just a few feet from my head. Kapow! When I am startled I tend to have these convulsive fits where I kinda jump around. I thought I had thrown my hip out or something. I am not a morning person and just do not need this kind of stress at that time of day.
So, that tree will become firewood. For other reasons also. Now, before you all start squawking!....there are 4 more oaks within 25-30 feet of this one. They are not going to grow properly anyway with that many so close together. So there!


Ed Abbey said...

Thank your stars it wasn't a walnut tree or even worse an osage orange tree.

Anonymous said...


My wife and I were at the cabin a month or so back when the acorns first started to fall. It was still warm enough at that time that we left the windows up as we slept. Needless to say that several times thoughout the night we were treated(my wife would describe it otherwise) to nature's version of the Nutcracker thanks to our metal porch roof! I love it, wouldn't change it for nothing!

Coming up this weekend with my daughter, son-in-law and new grandbaby. Hope to kick back and relax and get ready for Thanksgiving when my other kids will come up as well.

Take care, your place is really starting to come together. Will try to come by and see you before Christmas.

God bless,


Richard said...

I hope those other reasons are REALLY good ones for taking out the tree. Remember, an oak tree has to be over 50 yers old before it starts to produce acorns. An oak tree also produces the best shade of all the trees. If you can, learn to live with it.

Floridacracker said...

Oaks at 20 can produce acorns down here, I know cause I planted them.

I had some young oaks near my house when it was built and they are a real problem now as they try to overhang the house and are a hurricane threat.

I say, manage your forest as you see fit and any tree that overhangs a house is a threat.

Those are really big acorns!

Anonymous said...

ok, now I know I shouldnt laugh ER, but the thought of you doing a jig out of nowhere had me cracking up!


edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! Yeah, really! Ha!

Hey Barry! I don't mind it too much although it did startle me good at first! Sounds like ya'll are going to have a great Thanksgiving! Yes, try to stop by if you can. Hopefully I will have several more projects completed by then.

Hey Richard! yes, the reason are really good. Mostly this tree has some damage on one side much like the one did that actually fell on the house a couple of years ago. I would not chop down such a lovely hardwood for any ol' reason. Plus, as I said, there are 4 more within a very short distance and I'm afraid they are interfering with each other's growth.

Hey FC! Yeah, they are pretty big! I'm sure the deer are going to love them. Unfortunately, I believe this tree is a threat but, as I said, with 4 others so close by I think it would actually help them to thin one or two because they are so close together they cannot branch out. They are becoming just tall sticks.

Hey Molly! Ha! I'll forgive you! I laughed too....later, that is.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Are you sure a squirrel is not throwing the acorns at you. Don't forget to wear your hard hat to the truck.

edifice rex said...

Hey Philip! It might be! Damn squirrels. I actually, briefly considered wearing it while on the roof cleaning the windows because they were falling all around me! that would hurt to get bonked by one of those!

Leedra said...

We are closing on a house today that has an out building with a metal roof. A chestnut tree next to it. The first time we went to look at the house we were all in the building when a chestnut hit the roof and we all about lost it right there. Then we thought it was kids throwing rocks, until we saw all the chestnuts. We were excited about the tree. We now know there are also walnut and pecan trees.

Found you from Richard at the water blog. As time permits I will visit.

edifice rex said...

Hey Leedra! Glad you stopped by and look forward to your comments.
Yeah, a chestnut would make quite a racket! I wish I had some pecan trees! I love those things.

Jenn said...

Is the tree large enough to get some wood out of it. It's always nice to have something in the house that was made from a tree on the property. Extending the life, a bit.

edifice rex said...

Hey jenn! Yeah, I could probably make something from part of it. I like to do stuff like that also, not just chop it up and burn it or something.