Saturday, November 01, 2008

Autumn Leaves

Here are my photos of all the colorful foliage around now. Several other bloggers have put up scenes from their places so I thought I'd do my part!

It's very pretty around here right now. I love this time of year but even though these photos came out pretty well, they never seem to quite capture the intensity of the colors.

Here is ol' Oliver against a backdrop of color. I haven't shown Oliver in some time but he is still running and helping out around here regularly. Allen says he needs a new water pump though.

The new job I have been sent to is in a very nice setting. Right on a beautiful lake with lots of big oak trees and such. It's rare to get to work in such a pretty place. It's like a park. They told me a story about getting to weld though. They got me there to fix a steel stairwell that looks terrible. That's one thing I'm good for; if there is a cosmetic screw up, I can usually fix it.

I mostly worked on regular chores today and cleaning house but did do some work on the pantry and a little painting. Hopefully I can get a little more on that tomorrow but plan to go visit Mama some. I've not been up there in a while so I need to go.


pablo said...

Thanx for sharing the color. Somehow I don't remember Oliver the tractor.

Anonymous said...

The colours are stunning ER. We don't see the autumn change in trees around here as much as you guys do, certainly is beautiful!


Aunty Belle said...

moan...this is so gorgeous!

Me an' Uncle had a week in North Carolina, but I could go again jes' fer leaves.

OLiver huh? Hilarious.

Fall is mah favorite too. Enjoy it!

Floridacracker said...

Oliver is new to me too.

Your leaves are spectacular!

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! well, I think it has been about a year since I last had Oliver on.

Hey Molly! I was wondering if the trees ya'll have turn the variety of colors that ours do. The species of life (plant and animal that is!) down there are so different! I am blessed to have a lot of maple trees here which turn some beautiful colors.

Hey Aunty! Thanks! It is pretty here right now. Ol' Oliver is a big help here though!

Hey FC! I've shown Oliver before but it has been quite a while back.
the leaves here are pretty! It's very nice this time of year.

Anonymous said...

You have an award, come pick it up from my site :)


jojo said...

hey edifice thanks for the visit today.. I haven't been here for a bit, youhome is looking so nice. Hope you're careful up there when cleaning windows. And i'm curious why do all farmers name their tractors?

edifice rex said...

Hey Jojo! Thanks! Yes, I'm very careful when I'm up on the house. I've had that drilled into my head so much from work.
Well, men are bizarrely attached to tractors for some reason and like to name them. But Oliver is actually an Oliver tractor (brand name like John Deere) so his name was kinda automatic.