Monday, November 10, 2008

No Such Luck

I managed to get my money from Vestavia but couldn't get the pipe to finish my stove hook-up. We thought that a nearby Buck stove dealer had it but when we got there it was not the correct pipe. So, Allen volunteered to contact a dealer in Birmingham for me during the week and see if we can get it there. Allen got all the pipe that came with the stove installed after we both moved the thing into the basement. I lack about 6 feet to reach where the pipe will pass through the eave of the roof. I have the pipe and cap that will go on top of the roof. At first, I thought that I would build a chimney around the pipe but since it is so large (and doesn't look like a teeny, stick thing poking out of the house) I think it looks substantial enough to stand on it's own. This is triple-walled pipe, galvanized outside, stainless steel on the inside. You don't have to use such thick pipe if it's going to be on the outside of the house but that is what came with it so....The area around the pipe and windows will be filled in with stone and the cement block below will be covered up by large, concrete planters.

I had to take out 2 of the windows in the basement but that's OK, I'll use them somewhere else. I will probably tile the area where the cement board is on the wall. Maybe make up some funky mosaic type thing just for fun. So, still no wood heat but I'm trying to make progress on that. Maybe this weekend we can finish it up. I'm very anxious to get this heater working because the small scale experimenting I've done with the gas heat in the basement, shows that this has very good potential for making the house very comfortable with very little or no cost.
Not much else has been going on unfortunately. I had hopes of taking some vacation time, when I was still on my last job, to maybe make some decent progress on the house but now that I have been transferred that won't happen any time soon. Next month I may be able to get some time off though.


Richard said...

Think I would box that ugly pipe in. Sure would make the side of the house look better.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh, nothing better than watching a winter fire, snuggling in a big old overstuffed chair with a good book, WTG!


karl said...

that triple walled pipe will be better insulated, draft better and not have nearly the trouble with creosote build up. we love wood heat here. it warms the soul

edifice rex said...

Hey Richard! well, that was my first thought too, although it is going to take a lot more than that to make that end of the house look better! Actually, I think that is part of the problem; the missing siding makes everything look bad. there are elements of the house that will be or are very "industrial" looking; the structural steel, steel ceiling fans etc so I think the pipe will later actually blend in. But if not, I can still later enclose it since it is insulated pipe. i am going to try your suggestion on changing the trim color though!

Hey Molly! that is a nice idea! the heater does have glass doors too. i just have to locate them and change them out. Since the heater is in the basement though, the dog will mostly get to watch the fire!

Hey karl, You know, I didn't think about that part of it but you're right. I think this pipe will be a good, solid choice. and yes, it does warm the soul. It's very comforting somehow.