Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Got A Name

Many thanks to all of you for your wonderful suggestions for names. They were all really great! However, the dog ended up being named quickly, after a friend's visit. Oops! Now, I'll never get ya'll to help me with suggestions again! My Russian friend arrived on Sunday and she brought her daughter, Sasha (love that name!), with her. Sasha promptly declared him to be 'Lika'. Which, in Russian, means "barking". I know, I know, he doesn't bark but it just seemed to fit so well and I figure it is kinda like when we call a great big guy, "Tiny" or such. My friend, Svetlanka, wanted to call him, 'Beemba'. Or that was the closest I could understand her to be saying but I said that sounded too much like Bimbo. So, anyway, meet Lika! I think you will be seeing a lot of him from now on. I was wanting a new male in my life but this is not exactly what I had in mind! However, he is great fun and is beginning to really feel at home here. I gave him a little stuffed bear to play with and he really likes that. Surprisingly, he does not tear it up but just throws it around and lays with it. He really likes for me to throw it but hasn't quite got the hang of that bringing it back to me part. I try to play with him a good bit when I get home but since it gets dark so early now, that only gives me about an hour.

Molly at CrossRoads gave me this great award! Thanks Molly! Considering the source I'm very honored and will fulfill my obligation to pass it on soon. And yes, I'm still having trouble getting Blogger to add it to the sidebar. I downloaded it fine into this post but it won't let me add it as a gadget on the side. What am I doing wrong? I did it just like the Pico award, I thought. Anybody know? I guess I might write an OK blog but I'm a moron when it comes to computers.

*Jim Croce


Island Rider said...

Nice name. I am sure he will grow into it. Glad he is giving you joy as well.

Dani said...

Such a cutie and I love the name!

pablo said...

Must be some retriever in Lika. They like to have things in their mouths but not so much to chew on them the way a terrier would.

Floridacracker said...

Welcome Lika!

Anonymous said...

Love the name!

First right click on the award on my site, choose save as and save to your desktop or wherever you want (you may have already done this step)
When addding the award to the sidebar, open your layout settings on your dashboard, choose page elements, then click on add a gadget.

Choose picture from the list of basics, upload the pic from your PC wherever you have it saved to, click on save and then remember when that box closes to click on save again on the page elements page. Done:)


edifice rex said...

Hey IR! Thanks! Yeah, he's a hoot for sure.

Hey Dani! thanks!

Hey pablo! I'm not sure what he is. I thought at first maybe some Irish setter but, who knows?

Hey FC! thanks!

Hey Molly! that is exactly what I've tried (about 100 times) and it just won't work. Maybe something will work later.