Saturday, November 08, 2008

New Friend

So, I've got a new buddy I guess. I visited my mom last Sunday and she kept telling me about this little puppy my sister had that needed a home. My sister's husband had found this little guy while out hunting and was afraid if he left him in the woods the coyotes would have him for supper. They (my sis and BIL, not the coyotes) have scads of dogs already but took him until they could find some sucker, uh, kind-hearted person to take him in. So, I fell for it. Actually, this is exactly the same way I got Grendal. A work buddy of mine was out hunting and found her (just a little kitten then) in the woods. He put her in his coat pocket and brought her to me.
The little puppy is kinda odd, which makes him fit in fine here. He almost appears to be mute. I wonder if maybe he is deaf. He never barks or really even utters a sound. He never comes running until he sees me and I tell him it's OK. The not barking thing is great though! There is very little else that disturbs me more than a barking dog. Something about the sound just tears my nerves to shreds. He sleeps in the basement by the heater (I made him a little bed there) and when I go for a walkabout, he stays right beside me.
He never gets into anything even though he is able to come and go in the basement, which is full of tools and such. One thing that happened the other day though was kinda funny-odd. I realized that I was going to need my safety harness the next day, so I made a mental note to get it out of the basement and put it in my truck right when I got home, so I wouldn't forget. Now, my mental notes are not real reliable and with the other freakishness that has been going on with work etc., my mind has been wandering lately. So, forgetting this was a distinct possibility. Since he does not come out when I pull up in the driveway, I always go into the basement to check on him and tell him to come out. And so when I opened the door all the way, there was my safety harness laying right at my feet! He had gotten it out and pulled it over to the door. Our harnesses are fairly heavy too so it was an effort for him since he is small. I was afraid then that he would continue to drag stuff out and tear things up but he hasn't bothered anything since.
Since I keep calling him "he", ya'll can tell I haven't named him. I'm drawing a blank on this one so who wants to help me out? Maybe there is a handmade coffee mug in it for you....?

Oh, I finally got paid by Vestavia so I can buy material for the house! Yea! Finishing up the heater installation is a big priority this weekend and my Russian friend is coming tomorrow to make clay art! I think she wants to make some hand built things and I will probably throw. I'll show you what we come up with. I'm hoping she brings some good Russian food too! She usually does and it's always a treat.

*No Doubt


jojo said...

HE' s cute! i love new puppies. and puppy breath all that goes with them. I found my oliver much the same way trail riding in Ocala National Forest. When i got back to camp he was still following me. (i guess i shouldn't have fed him my lunch). Camp director said happens all the time. All the time. Sadly. so you done good!Any way the way i figure it you need him in some way and He obviously needs you.

kayceebeebee said...

I just found your blog from a comment you left on April's blog.

I love dogs. How about Castaway for your dog's name? Or Fletch? Keepers?

Pablo said...

I propose the name Rex (as in Edifice Rex).

Anonymous said...

Hmm, how about:
Saber, = means "knowing" in Portugese, or
Regalo, = which means "gift" in Italian, or
ABAYOMI = means "born to bring me joy" in African, or
Miel = means honey in French, or
Omja = means "born of cosmic unity" in Indian,?


Thats about all I can come up with

Ed Abbey said...

I wouldn't be concerned about the barking. My dog Ted never barked for the first time until he was five or six years old. Once he did, he acted surprised which was funny. After that, he barked more often.

I propose that you give your dog the name of Sex. I've always thought that story was one of the funniest I have read.

Maya said...

He is darling, I am happy for you (and even happier for him!). I called Gary in for a consult as we take animal naming very seriously.

We propose
Thoreau - seeing as how he was found in the woods.
Hayduke - character from Edward Abbeys book, the Monkey Wrench Gang. The little guy just looks like a Hayduke to me.

Island Rider said...

I don't know. We always name our animals after Buicks. Weird I know, but husband works for a Buick dealership. Its not very flashy, but he looks like Buddy or Bud to me.

Robbyn said...

Oh, I love intuition :)

I'm with Pablo...I like the name Rex

edifice rex said...

Hey jojo! yeah, feeding them usually does it; kinda the same with guys...ha! Yeah, I had vaguely been thinking about getting a dog but knew it would have to be a special one. they usually find you somehow.

Hey kaycee! Glad you stopped by! Those are good names; I like Keepers!

Hey pablo! You know, I'd have never thought of that myself. Good name.

Hey molly! those are great names! I've always leaned towards the more unusual names for pets.

Hey ed! well, I'm hoping he never learns to bark! I like him this way! Funny story too! I could really use a little Sex around here and with the luck I'm having lately, that may be the only way I get some. Haha! uugghh.

Hey maya! Both good names; I like Hayduke although I can see him just ending up being called Hay!

Hello island rider! Glad to hear from you! That is hysterical; I've never heard of anyone naming their pets after vehicles. He does look like a Bud. He's just a simple, little, brown doggie.

Hey robbyn! Yeah, it was the funniest thing. I would have probably forgotten about the harness if he hadn't brought it over. I like Rex too but I'll have some friends help me vote.

Woody said...

Come on now...found in the woods!??


Kelly said...

I have no idea what to name your dog. Meg and I needed the same help naming our cat. However, I am looking forward to seeing the pots you all make. Have fun and may the clay gods be friendly.

Richard said...

Looks like a "Spud" to me. Young dogs that aren't around other dogs may not bark for up to a year. He'll find his voice one of these days.

edifice rex said...

Woody! oh, man! duuhh! Of course, it fits perfectly. I'll have to ask him though.

Hey kelly! thank you kindly; I'll be sure to show our lovely (ha!) creations before and after firing. I SO need to make some stuff.

Hey Richard! Yeah, Spud is good! Well, I hope he never finds it but he probably will eventually.

Floridacracker said...

I'm thinking of your work and your artistry with simple materials and the name "Rebar" just popped up.

Whatever you call him Annie, he's a cutie!

Jenn said...

He looks like a Biscuit to me.

I have no idea where that name come from, but there you go. That's how I name things.

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! Well, that would be a good name and easy for me to remember for sure!

Hey Jenn! Yeah, Biscuit does seem to fit him...I kinda name things just off the top of my head too, so I've been a little surprised I couldn't come up with anything on this one.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Grendal's name stems from the Beowulf poem...but I think it would be cute to have a puppy named after another medieval/mythological creature or even Beowulf (sammy's suggestion)...


karl said...

pavel, your russian friend might appreciate it too.

Anonymous said...

How about Clay?

Anonymous said...

The Clay suggestion is from Quakewatcher (in CA).

edifice rex said...

Hey Linda! Actually, yes, Grendal is from Beowulf and I had briefly thought of naming the dog Beowulf but didn't want to start any hard feelings right off between them! Ha!

Hey karl! Pavel is very nice.

Hey QW! Now, why didn't I think of that! Clay is a great name although Allen had to be a smart*** and say that he thought 'Dirt" was more appropriate.