Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers who are celebrating today!! May you all have a wonderful day and may we all truly realize just how good we have it here.
My cabbage and brussel sprouts are doing fine. I wish they would hurry up though! lol! I want to sample them.

Lika is growing and really developing quite a personality now. He was kinda bashful at first but now he is just full of himself! I think he is going to be a very good dog.
I have done some whining at times on this blog and I guess everybody does at one time or another, but I would never want anybody to get the idea that I am not tremendously grateful for what I have. I think it helps a lot of times to sit still and really look at what we have and see how fortunate we are.
I am thankful for my wonderful little house and land.
For my incredible friends that have helped me with same.
My health and strength to build.
My job and good pay and ability to work.
My friends out here in the blogosphere who encourage me.
My education and talent for art.
My family, small as it is.

So, I get 4 days off and hopefully will get to do a lot around the house. I hope everyone has a great holiday.


Rurality said...

Happy Thanksgiving! That is one dang cute dog. :)

I keep forgetting to ask you if you have a phone in this new house, or if you are just using your cell.

Robbyn said...

Lika looks so happy! Happy Thanksgiving, Annie! I'm thankful for you :)

myamuhnative said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Hope you make the best of your time off.
And boy, that new furry man of yours is just adorable :)
Do you by chance have any plans to be throwing any clay before Xmas?
I'm in the market for some mugs...

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful break ER, filled with lots of enjoyable, peaceful things. The garden is looking so good!


edifice rex said...

Hey Karen! Yeah, he's a cutie pie!
I do have a land line because my cell doesn't always get a good signal being in this valley. Since I got a new phone it's better though. I'll email you my number.

Hey Robbyn! Thanks! I appreciate that.

Hey mya! Happy Thanksgiving! Yeah, he is cute and fun to be around! lol!
I actually do hope to throw some this week and I already have a few mugs made and bisque fired. I was just trying to get a few more things made to have a full glaze firing. How many mugs are you looking for? I'd be happy to make you what you need. Do they need to match?

Hey molly! Thanks! I just hope I'm able to harvest the things before it gets too cold.