Saturday, April 03, 2010

Thinking Out Loud

Wouldn't you freakin' know that now that I have a few new readers, due to the article, I can't think of anything to write about? Of course, I've been so busy with work there really hasn't been much going on to write about and when I do get a little time I am usually so tired I just can't think straight. I read over that last post and saw that there were a couple of sentences that didn't even make sense! Dang ya'll! Somebody could have said something.

I have a few subjects I would like to write about but just haven't been able to get complete thoughts going. Since I do have a few new readers would any of you like to ask any questions? Anybody want to know anything? hhhmm? Longtime readers know this is my stalling technique for when I have writer's block but I'm serious too.

I did manage to work a little in the garden so far this weekend. I got my strawberry bed weeded and some tomato seedlings planted. I hope to do some more tomorrow. I've got some potatoes and brussel sprouts I want to get in the ground. I hope to do a better job on the garden than I did last year. Oh! I tested my soil and it is basically sand I think! No wonder things haven't done well. There are very little nutrients in it despite my adding cow manure and such the past couple of years. I need to add a lot more.
So, my family had our Easter dinner today since my minister brother will be too busy tomorrow. One of his big work days you know. I mean, for his church; he works every day. That went okay. I cooked asparagus and they actually were all good sports and tried it, even the kids. So, tomorrow I will have all day to just work around the house and they say it's going to be a very nice day, weather wise.
Well, I don't have any exciting adventures or hot men to tell you about. I guess those two things would actually constitute the same subject wouldn't it? If done right anyway. My sister's family has once again found a guy they want to set me up with. I have my doubts but hopefully it will go better than the last one they found, if they ever get around to doing anything. I have kinda lost hope in that area right now. I think it's a lost cause for me.

So, anyway, maybe I will have something for ya'll tomorrow. Hope everyone has a very enjoyable Easter Sunday or Passover or just a nice spring weekend, whatever the case may be. May we all celebrate the renewal of life.


Floridacracker said...

Happy Easter Annie!
I was gardening yesterday too. Transplanted some grape tomato babies into 5 gallon buckets for this little drip system I'm tinkering with.

Trying to keep them off the ground and in containers this year to hopefully avoid some of the diseases that thrive in this humid env.

I'm not a shiny new reader or anything, but what about a post about the lay of your land?
Forgive me if you've done that and I missed it, but I do readju pretty regularly and I can't picture how the house and drive sits relative to your boundaries or even the shape of your property.

You might have to use that artist skill and sketch us a layout, but I'm sure it would be better than any of us could do.

page said...

yeah, I agree with FC---I'd like to get a crow view in my mind---and congrats on the article, very, very nice---and good, arty pics, too---you should be so proud of yourself---it's fabulous and will be fabulouser when it's all done!

page said...

oops, forgot to wish you happy jellybeans :)

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! yea, that's a good idea for a post! will do. I have tried to show various aspects of the land but I haven't ever done an 'above' view of stuff.
Hopefully you and I both will be successful with our gardening efforts this year.

Hey Page! Thanks so much! I appreciate that. And I am mailing your bowls this week! I promise. Please forgive me for being so late with them. After I finished them and was laid off, I really didn't have the funds for shipping but that's no problem now; just my faulty memory to blame. I will get them out now though!!!

Jenn said...

"Dang ya'll! Somebody could have said something."

Nah, we know you're busy and are happy to get word from you!

Compost. To get the volumes you need you have to become a kind of curb picker - do you neighbors still bag up grass clippings in the summer and leaves in the fall?

You know anybody that raises small livestock? Goats, llamas, chickens, rabbits - all this poop and bedding can be good adds to the pile.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jenn! thanks! yeah, compost is the thing and i'm working on that but no, people out here don't bad their clippings; they just let them lay or throw them in the woods I guess. The neighbor across the road has cattle and I've thought about asking if I could scoop up some of the droppings around their barn.

myamuhnative said...

Happy Easter !
Hope your garden does well this year.
I'm assuming that you already have a compost pile for kitchen scraps and such? If not it would be good to start one and then mix in the manure if you can get it.
I have trained my work folks to recycle our coffee grounds for my garden.

edifice rex said...

Hey Mya! Happy Easter! yes, I've had a compost pile going for a while but I guess I just don't produce that much stuff! I need to bring in some other material.

Beau said...

I planted the garden here the other day... we have too much clay, so I add a bunch of compost and such. I could use some sand!
Have a great week :)

edifice rex said...

Hey Beau! thanks! hope you have a good week too.

Aunty Belle said...

Hi Annie!
Happy belated Easter.

Seems lots o' folks is got the gardenin' itch. As I type it's late an a hotty owl is remindin' me of how soon it will be morin' an' I'se hopin' fer a good long day in the garden. It is too late fer me to plant some thangs, an I tried Brussels Sprouts onc't but they seemed stunted. Fer now I'se content wif tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and herbs.

AN' I'se fresh out of ideas on how to grow a prince charmin'. But let sis fix ya up--cause ya jes never know.

edifice rex said...

Hey Aunty! yeah, you never know so I usually go along with them just for the heck of it.