Friday, August 13, 2010

Curse Of Me

This is about all that my garden has been producing lately. 'Course, this is good too. I use all these seasonings whenever I can and I very much appreciate knowing they came from my garden, tended in the manner I see fit. Despite the wonderful beginning, my tomatoes have crashed and burned. I got a fair amount when they were producing but I still believe the soil is lacking something as many of them were diseased. I cut the plants back severely and they might actually have a chance to produce a few more before frost since our season is so long. I cut them back last year and they put out again before cold weather. We'll see.

Things are fairly boring around here lately other than going out to dinner last night with the BCBs. That's always fun but now it's more work, work, work. I'm not complaining about that either, because in about 2 and a half weeks that may be it. Kinda crappy not knowing for sure if you are going to have a job next month but that's construction.
Nothing going on with the dating front either. I am beginning to think I am truly cursed. Maybe I need to bury a chicken foot by the light of a full, wait, that's for if you are trying to remove a wart or something. Hhhhmm, maybe eat a bunch of chocolate..... while laying naked on the deck.... under a full moon...yeah! that's it!!! that has a much better ring to it!!


Pablo said...

I'm sure the mosquitoes would approve your chocolate option.

My poor tomato plant got some blight and has only produced a half dozen grape tomatoes for me to enjoy this year.

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! I think I'd have a wait until slightly cooler weather anyway! even at night it's so dang hot out there.
I think mine got the blight too, amongst other stuff.

Woody said...

Do it down by the one can see you on the dang deck!

Floridacracker said...

Watch for splinters.

Ed said...

I think the chocolate/naked/deck option only works if there is a live streaming deck cam set up. ;)

edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! well, that was kinda the point! ha!!

Hey FC! good idea!

Hey Ed! oh really!? lol!! I don't know that I would want to inflict that on ya'll. :D

Terria Fleming said...

You got a pretty good crop, considering. All I managed this year were one tomato, some peppermint, and chives. Everything else just died. I think it was the poor soil here, but It's my first year so I'm trying to build it up.

HermitJim said...

Beautiful peppers! Let me know when you get the deck cam up and working...!

Chocolate is good anytime, so that's the way I would go...full moon or not!

It would be my luck that company would show up at that time, ya know?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hey ANnie, did you notice that all the guys who commented thought the chocolate on the deck under the full moon was a good iead...hmmm tells us something ya think?

The peppers oooked good - so colorful, but we don't plant those cause they are a tad too spicy for us. Our tomatoes did very badly last year and we had tomato blight too. Grenville learned he was overwatering them - this year less water and better 'maters and no blight. Of course, there are those drought conditions still going on here.

edifice rex said...

Hey Terria! yeah, I didn't do too bad considering and am still getting some stuff but I think my soil still needs some major work too.

Hey Jim! ha! I agree with the chocolate! always a good idea. and yeah, I'll let everybody know about the deck cam; lol!

Hey Beatrice! lol! yeah, I did notice that!
well, I dry these peppers and then grind them and just use a little for seasoning in soups and stuff, so it's not an overwhelming hot.
We got too much rain early in the season and then hardly any, so it really made everything sickly.