Friday, August 27, 2010

Shoot The Moon

I guess I have always been fascinated by these flowers. Their alien appearance brings to mind faraway landscapes and strange places. Most people who are not familiar with this plant falsely assume the name 'passionflower' refers to the human, physical emotion when, in fact, it actually refers to Christ's passion. It is a well-known sedative and I have to say, in my experience, a tea made from it's leaves mix nicely with catnip to make a very effective sleepy time drink. But, as always, check up on the plant before you use any of it.

I was out for a little walk this evening, enjoying the slight coolness in the air that has lingered the past few days. It hints very subtly of autumn. Days like this always seem to make me very reflective and somewhat restless. There have been quite a few things on my mind lately and sometimes it's hard for me to get my thoughts to line up enough to express them coherently here. I suppose you all are quite used to my babbling anyway, but I do try to keep it to a minimum. Of course, having Capt. Jack around some gives me plenty to think about. It's curious to me that many of the men I seem to connect the most to, often make for an unconventional relationship, the age thing being the point here. I generally believe that it would be near impossible for me to find any one man that would be mine for the rest of our lives but I do find comfort in the fact that one comes along every so often to help me develop an aspect of my life that needs work or expanding. Capt. Jack has had a very full life, so far, and his enthusiasm for adventure has me straining at my obligations here (of my own volition, of course). He is someone that has gone out and explored life and all the things that have piqued his interest. He volunteered for a war, and saw that terror up close. He has worked around all of the Presidents since Ford and his stories of such are fascinating. He makes me think about stuff that has always interested me but that most people shrug off or regard as foolish. The whole experience truly makes me yearn to explore life with all the abandon that I have always boasted I possess. Basically, I'm going to have to put up or shut up with this one. And he has handsome blue eyes; ya'll know I am a sucker for that.

For now though work continues and the weather has become more agreeable to working around the house, so I hope to get some more done in that area. I need to get back on the siding and knock that out. And before it gets too cool, I have to rework my water system or more specifically, the spring opening itself. I have the stuff to work with, now I just need to make time one weekend. It's going to be something of a pain and I kinda dread it but it must be done and then I believe I will not ever have to worry about it again.
I will try to post some over the weekend if I can and if I have something to talk about.

*Norah Jones


Ed said...

When I saw Shoot the Moon, I thought of John Prine but then I realized that his song was actually called "Clocks and Spoons."

"Shoot the moon right between the eyes, I'm sending most of me to sunny countryside."

HermitJim said...

It is indeed a beautiful plant to look at! Nature can really outdo Herself sometimes, can't she?

Thanks for sharing with us today!

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! I guess this is a completely different song that I am referring to; it talks about the summer being gone too soon etc.

Hey Jim! you're welcome! yeah, I think it's a wonderful plant.