Monday, August 23, 2010

What Do You Do?

This photo has nothing to do with the post but ya'll know I like to include at least one regardless. I'm not sure what type critter this is but I suspect it is a type of hornet maybe? It was much larger than any wasp I have ever seen.

Anyway, I worked many hours last week and didn't have much time for my blog or reading any of my favorites either, so forgive me if I haven't been dropping by or commenting on any. I only had to work 8 hours today so I managed to do a little catch up reading this evening. I'm afraid my work may be finishing up even faster than what we first suspected. I had hoped to at least make it to September before being laid off again, and may yet, but it is really getting slim now.

I did manage to spend a little time with the new man last weekend and a little this weekend too, after work. It's all kinda funny (odd) how that has worked out. See, this guy is my Mom's neighbor and happen to read the article the newspaper up there did on my house a few months back. He is interested in building a house debt-free also, and self-sufficiency, so he asked Mama if she thought he could meet me. I said sure and we have just been corresponding since then, with him making an occasional visit when in town. His work requires him to travel quite extensively so we emailed for a long time. He finally asked me out to a movie and dinner a few weeks ago, which I agreed to but was really not sure what his intentions were. He was never flirty or anything of that sort and, with the age difference, I figured he was just interested in being friends. Now, I can hear a lot of you saying 'oh, come on!' because he also often brought small gifts for me but I never assume a man is interested in me until they come right out and say so. I'm kinda stubborn that way. Anyway, he asked me out again later but then was immediately scheduled to go back out of town for an extended period of time. Now, I did suspect, or hope, that he was interested in me and I thought, you know, that is just my luck. I finally meet someone that I have many things in common with and enjoy being around who seems to enjoy being around me and the circumstances of life and work screw it up. I think I even wrote a recent post with that on my mind and kinda expressed some rather grouchy sentiments because of it. But I was irritated, darn it. When was my luck gonna change? Then, the very next day he emailed and said his circumstances had changed, he was in town, and wanted to see me. Turns out, he got laid off too, but we have been able to spend some decent time together.
As I said before, I have had some reservations because of the age difference and he professes that he never thought he really had a chance but thought, 'what the heck.' Now, I have dated older, and younger, guys before but was really kinda set on finding somebody closer to my age this time. Unfortunately, most guys my age are married at the point. You know, 10 -15 years into a marriage with kids. So, do you just say no, I only want this particular idea of what I have in my head, and thus possibly spend many years alone, or am I willing to be open to other things and get to spend some time with someone very interesting? I guess that depends entirely on the person. I have to admit I find this man very intriguing but still remain wary. However, I have spouted off for a while on here about life being about adventure and experiences and I think I may actually have stumbled upon one who can give me the adventure that I have longed for. He has survived a war (former Marine) and a couple of marriages, traveled all over and seen, due to his job, many very interesting and historic things. I very much enjoy a man I can learn from and who has a strong desire for life and he seems to be strong enough to handle me. So, we'll see what we'll see. The guys call him Capt. Jack, so that will be his name here. And last but not least, he is so damn funny. Anybody that can make me laugh like he can has got to be somewhat okay.

EDIT! ok, I may have some of you really wondering so I'll just say, Capt. Jack is 20 years older than me. He was in Vietnam.

*Lyle Lovett


Loretta said...

Great! A man that can make you laugh is a good man (in my opinion) Intriguing,and interesting too...girl go for it!

Jen said...

He sounds alright. Just be cool friends and get to know him a little more and a little longer in person. You will know then if you want to take it any further. Just don't lose focus of what you are doing and have accomplished so far. You've done great! -Jen

Ed said...

A new building has been going up in my town and they are setting huge concrete panels like crazy. I drive by real slow looking for the woman with huge biceps everyday but haven't spotted her yet.

Oh about your post today, I say go for it!

Floridacracker said...

If he's not double your age, it's probably okay.

edifice rex said...

Hey Loretta! that's about my opinion also. :)

Hey Jen! thanks! well, I don't think I could lose focus on what I'm doing with the house but everybody needs some fun time.

Hey Ed! lol! well, you may not see her there, but you never know!
and thanks!

Hey FC! ha! no, he is definitely NOT double my age! or anywhere near that.

Rusty said...

My thought on the flying critter - perhaps a carpeter ant queen decked out for her flying stage?

They do get pretty doggone big!

As for your friend - what can I say? Follow your instincts, I guess. ATB!

edifice rex said...

Hey Rusty! well, this critter was about 1 1/2" long; if that was a carpenter queen even, it was a world record. i don't know.
Yep, I always follow my instincts! has worked so far.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The fact that you share your feelings, thoughts and even doubts, Annie, is what keeps your blog honest. Everyone has uncertainties and there are no sure things in life (no matter what some folks claim). So maybe it would be best to just go with it for now and let things happen as they will. Age is a factor, but it's not everything.

The critter does look like a very large wasp, wich I fear and they always seem to come after me - guess they can sense that!

edifice rex said...

Hey Beatrice! well, Capt. Jack tells me that wasps are attracted to sudden movement, so that may be one reason they do come after you. It's hard not to run from them tho!

Yeah, I have plenty of uncertainties, and don't mind saying so but that's life and it's way too short to waste worrying about stuff you can't control. We all just need to have lotsa fun while we can.

Attilla The Mum said...

Once you're out of high school, age just doesn't matter that much anymore. Annie, I'm so happy you've found someone who makes you laugh and with whom you can have FUN. All work and no play, ya know!!!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

I don't really think that age should matter in friendship/relationship within reason. When I was 20 I had a girlfriend who was 33 and we ended up living together for about 8 years. Now I am 45 and I seem to still like them about 33, but I am pretty flexible on that one. lol. Age is'nt nearly as important as the condition of the product. Take an old restored Mustang for example. That's nice. Or you could have a 3 year old car that has'nt been maintained very well at all. Not nice. Hope that helps Annie.

edifice rex said...

Hey Attilla! that's right and I was getting pretty darn dull. thanks!!

Hey Mark! yeah, I think within reason also, it's fine and just up to the individuals. Some people just can't fathom such a thing and some people it doesn't bother.
Fortunately, Jack is in pretty darn good shape so we stay in stride pretty well.

Beau said...

Enjoy the journey, and take your time. :) Wasps.... Ugh. Boy got stung last week- no fun!

ignatz said...

Annie--I just attended my uncle's 90th birthday party, he is happily married to a great babe 25 years younger and he still walks 3 miles a day---my sister in law's husband is 15 years older---both couples been married for good long time tho' not the first try, interesting that---I think if you can picture yourself sitting together on the porch enjoying yourselves it's all good---go for it, at a reasonable pace which it sounds like you're doing---"hey" to Captain Jack who's making you smile---Page