Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Change Is Going To Come

Here is the latest version of this elevation drawing. I think this is very close to what we will actually build. The pitch of the roof has been lower from a 6/12 to 5/12, but since we are using a metal roof that's okay. This shortens the clerestory window quite a bit but I think it needed that. It seemed too tall before and I was afraid we might have too much window area! There is sort of a delicate balance with the south facing windows because you can't just go wild with them or you will overheat, especially in the South. I have had trouble convincing 2 certain people of this but I'm sticking to my guns on this one. The clerestory window is staying where it was but the wall in the kitchen has moved out. I'm not sure how that wall will top out though. Windows have changed and the door location. The covered walkway has been cut back to expose just the kitchen windows but it has been noted that one of those same certain persons was very disgruntled about that.
Sorry I have not posted much this week. I have been working from sun up to sun down and am really getting tired. I will try to post some more tomorrow and I know Friday. This weekend promises to be a good one though, as we should have good weather and good friends joining us again.


pablo said...

But what's with that door in the middle of the wall. Are you going to build a wrap-around porch?

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! I should have mentioned that; this drawing is a litle confusing. That door and windows are actually on the east wall which is the wall on the dogtrot side. I guess the drawing is supposed to be as if you were seeing inside the house not looking at the exterior wall.