Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Anybody know what this is?? The other day we were all sitting around at our cookout and somebody spied some red flowers off in the woods a piece and this is what it was. I have a book at home that called this honeysuckle but this doesn't look anything like what we have always referred to as honeysuckle. I have no idea. The book says these can be cultivated into a very nice vine but not to let it get on any young trees or it will strangle them.
I wasn't sure if I have ever posted a photo of the house site from a good distance. I guess I could go back and check but I'm basically too lazy for that. Besides, I thought it was pretty now with all the green coming up. We still have alot of clearing to do over on the left and behind the house. We would like to have a little bit of pasture and a small orchard. Allen wants to have goats again and I like them too so it would be fun. We had all kinds of animals when I was a kid but we only had a couple of goats; they were alot of trouble seems like. We had one that would stay in the pasture as long as there wasn't much going on but when company came over he would slip right out and head straight for their car where he would procede to climb all over it. Then one of us would have to sneak out and wrestle him off their car while the rest of the family distracted the company from seeing what was transpiring out in the yard and on their vehicle. We had a duck (the same one that wanted to adopt the kittens) that liked to investigate the company's vehicles too. It made for several really embarrassing moments though because this duck seemed to have a constant bowel problem and the people would usually see everywhere the duck had been tromping all over their car. It could be kind of mean too and was hard to shoo away, so it would be running around on the car, crapping and hissing (Muscovies don't quack) like some kind of rabid balloon with a bad leak on both ends.


pablo said...

This setting is beautiful. I'm not sure how you're going to get sunlight flooding into those windows with that mountain in the way though.

What are you doing about sanitation? Septic?

Anonymous said...

The plant is trumpet honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens). Go to http://plants.usda.gov/ and plug the scientific name into the search box for pictures. In controlled circumstances, it can be gorgeous.

Gin said...

Anonymous is Gin.

Rurality said...

Yeah, what Gin said. It's commonly called Coral Honeysuckle around here.

All goats like to climb on cars, from what I hear!

I've got a couple of roosters I can sell ya, real cheap. :)

Oh yeah, and I think all ducks have constant bowel problems.

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! We tracked the sun in the winter and it actually moves just right along the top of the ridge of that mountain. So, with the house being elevated slightly and the clerestory windows up top, we actually should be able to get a fair amount of sunlight. Plus, 90% of the trees back there are deciduous, so the sun comes straight through. Yeah, we will put in a septic tank. I might consider some of the alternative toilets but there's no way Allen will.

Thanks Karen and Gin for the info. I figured ya'll would know!