Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Day In The Life

One of the lower gardens at the BigHouse. I have since discovered a even prettier section of this courtyard. It has a goldfish pond and some of the largest peonies and calla lilies that I have ever seen.
There are 2 of these big boys guarding the front steps. They look kinda big in this photo but they are really only about 3 feet tall.
I believe this is a wild or native azalea. If you know better please correct me. If it is, I have never seen one in yellow before. There are a bunch of pink ones too.
This is a better view of Birmingham from the roof of the house. I can see several of the buildings I have worked on over the years from here.


Gin said...

I know you go to this house to work, but from my side of the fence, it seems almost like having a job at Disneyland. Gorgeous place! And I'm thoroughly enjoying the blog entries.

edifice rex said...

Hey Gin! Well, it is one of the nicest sites I have ever worked on. I have had to work in some fairly rough settings on some of the bigger jobs I've been on so this is a real pleasure. Glad you are enjoying the posts. I checked out your site the other day; wonderful baskets, paper work etc.!