Monday, April 24, 2006


Well, finally! All 4 walls are up. This is the east facing wall that will eventually be one side of the dogtrot. This is where the entrance door to the house is. We finally decided on our window heights too and framed in most of the sills and ran the sheathing under them. Thanks to our friend Ted, who has helped us alot these past few weeks and then Allen's daughter, Linda and her husband Sammy, we got this last wall up with no problem. We had a little cookout too so we relaxed for awhile.
This is the north side with the windows framed in. This is the side you first see when you are coming up the driveway.
This is the west and south side and the side (south) that will also have the clerestory windows. The full size of the windows has been cut out now; if you recall earlier, these looked really small at first 'cause we just ran our sheathing over most of them.
This is the west and north side from way down at my garden spot. I've got to try to get something planted in it soon. I was amazed at how green everything is as compared to the posts from just last weekend. The weather was great for working although it's already starting to get pretty warm now. I think spring lasted about 4 days this year.

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