Monday, May 11, 2009

Fat Chance

Much to my dismay, all of the heart-shaped rocks I have found in the past year (which are the only ones I've found) have been on this job that I'm on, that I hate so much. But I noticed this one recently that is smack in the middle of the path that leads up to my house. I decided just to leave it where it was.
And as a funny side note, when I had dinner the other night with my buddy, we ate at a favorite Chinese restaurant of mine. My fortune said, "you will soon witness a miracle". Ha! Not that I connect the two or believe in fortune cookies but I could arrive home one day and find the woodland elves had come and finished my house.
*Phoebe Snow


Maya said...

When the woodland elves are done with your place could you send em my way? I've still got some projects from the remodel started 5 years ago I could sure use their magic on!

Floridacracker said...

Lets just hope those elves are licensed and bonded.

You can't be too careful about who works on your house!

edifice rex said...

Hey Maya! Sure thing! lol!

Hey FC! You got that right!