Saturday, May 09, 2009

Nothing But Flowers

Turns out I had a fairly nice birthday; other than getting older! First thing that morning, on the way to work, I saw the Switchman once again on the highway. I know, I know, but it just makes me smile to see him and he always waves and makes a big deal. It's good for a laugh.
I got to leave the job a little early to go teach my welding class and the boys are doing very well on their projects. Our training facility also has a complete bath with shower so I cleaned up for dinner while I was there and the boys were working. When I came out, one of the 20-something boys said, "wow, you look nice!"

I had a nice dinner with one of my favorite buds and he bought even though it was my full intention to pay since I had called him. We caught up on a lot of news and such. Afterwards, I did just a little shopping and bought a dress! Maybe I can find somewhere to wear it.

Allen bought me a really nice plant stand for my deck. I think a nice, big fern will look good in it. Mama sent me some money with which I am going to refurbish my kiln and get to making some pottery again.
Oh, The Man From 12 Years called to wish me a happy birthday. I know I said he was gone but he still calls to see about me and I still try to encourage him (in his efforts to resolve his grief and problems). But I am letting him work things out on his own, as is the only way to do.
The flowers are mostly native ones from this area that I just transplant to beds. The deer are not attracted to them since they are used to them also. The next to last, purple flowers are a type of catmint that I bought. Blooms very profusely and earlier than the standard catmint.
Am now going to try to work in the garden between showers.


countrypeapie said...

Sweet. Leaving your post with a smile on my face. :)

molly said...

The flowers are gorgeous ER. I love growing all my foods but cannot resist having pretty garden beds too, with much colour, lots for the vases and bees too!

Richard said... bought a dress??? You're going to turn into a sissy...:-).

Woody said...

Hell...I was gonna say something but Richards' comment cracked me up and I forgot what I was gonna say.

edifice rex said...

Hey Pea! thanks.

Hey Molly! Oh, ya gotta have the flowers too!

Hey Richard! Aaahh! You might be right! I'll just wear my steel-toed boots with it to counteract any sissiness.

Hey Woody! I know; it cracked me up too!

mountainmelody said...

so pretty! :)

Maya said...

Happy belated birthday Annie! I think Richard covered it with the dress comment :) I am at the point where I view dresses more like straitjackets. However, if that dress represents a wonderful dinner and some much-deserved coddling for you, then I hope you get to wear it soon!

edifice rex said...

Hey Melody! thanks!

Hey Maya! thanks! I actually like to wear dresses sometimes; I guess because I always have to wear such rough work clothes! lol!