Tuesday, December 08, 2009

All Good Books

Well, let me just say that you people really know how to squash a girl's ego! More interested in a bunch of stupid books than when I'm trying to show ya'll I can get gussied up! Dang! Of course , the other realization hit me too...if ya'll are just trying to get a better look at the house, trim, siding or whatever in the photos just say, "hey! get your skank ass out of the way and show us a better picture of what you're working on!" Don't worry about hurting my feelings or anything. I've told ya'll several times, construction workers don't have feelings and mine were bludgeoned to death a long time ago. We don't have feelings and would never tease or pick on anybody or something to that effect.
Maybe ya'll are just curious if an ol' knuckle-dragger such as myself could possibly even read books. Hey, I got one of those college de-grees even! Ok, I'm just being a butt hole.
Since you all were wondering though, I'll show you what kind of books I do read. These are not all of them however. I have a stack of technical books down in my studio for glaze formulating and such. I have a few in the bedroom......and that's where they belong....and no, you don't get to see those. I always have a small stack of books on the coffee table that I am currently going through. I have another bookcase that has a small collection of cookbooks in it.
I don't covet many material possessions. I don't care a whole lot for jewelry, fancy clothes or knick-knack kinda crap but books and music are essential. Because I don't care a lot for material things, I keep a fairly sparse house but I hoard books. If I realize my ultimate goal of building the other half of the house, it will contain a small library.
So, let's see what we have here. That's not a snake Mya, it's a hand forged door knocker that I have yet to install on the front door! Anyway, these are some of my pottery books and various other craft and art books. Stained glass, soap-making, mosaics and on and on. Also, quite a few on restoration techniques. I don't read much fiction at all. The vast majority of these are technical or how-to books. What? Ya'll thought I just popped out knowing how to do all this crap? I do seem to have been born with the ability to replicate anything I see. So, if I see a craft done once, in person or in a book, I can usually turn around and do it. Because of that, I have always thought I would have made a great counterfeiter.
Yes, there are some books on spirituality, dreams, palmistry and such.
Here, we have a little fiction, natural health, gardening and various approaches to living naturally. And yes, I arrange my books to some degree, by subject. Oh, I enjoy Joseph Campbell's writings and some mystery books. Not so much murder mystery but like, unexplained or unsolved phenomenon. If you will notice up in the top right corner, there is the boxed set of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. They are all first edition and signed by her. They belonged to my late brother and I have no idea what to do with them. I kinda hate to part with them since they were his (and I don't have many things of his) but I'm not really interested in them otherwise and someone who collects Anne Rice things would probably like to have them.
Several of the bigger art books were gifts from former lovers in my younger days. Nowadays I rarely get a book as a gift. Hhhmm, that's kinda interesting. Hadn't really thought about that before.
So, there you have it....what kinds of books do ya'll like? Have any of these?


Rurality said...

We have several books in common. I saw a few I might need to borrow sometime too. :)

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

I have alot of books that are somewhat related to yours, but no exact matches. When ever I buy a book, it is usually something educational. Photovotaics, Wiring, Plumbing, Canoeing, Wild life tracks, Bears, House Framing, Encyclopedia of Country Living, etc. I guess you can tell alot about a person by there books.

Sissy said...

You sure have much back-up for the lazy rainy days. I'd love the chance to browse those shelves; just kidding, Girl. You do have many of the same interests as I.
Tarot and Numerology are two favorite interests of mine - check those out sometime. Want to borrow mine; just say the word.

Floridacracker said...

Ok, I see them now.

Love your new header. I have a question.

How do you get the photo to neatly fill that box?

Mine is always partially filled.

Ed said...

I too haven't read a lot of fiction in the last decade or so. I guess I always have so many non-fiction books that captivate my interest that I figure, why bother with the imaginary when the real thing is that good. Of course, I have a crutch or two of fiction that I still read just because we go way back.

edifice rex said...

Hey Karen! Sure! just let me know which ones.

Hey Mark! you know, I'd like to have that Encyclopedia of Country Living. I'm so bad, I used to read encyclopedias when I was a small kid..and thought it was fun! yes, you can tell quite a bit about someone.

Hey Sissy! you know, tarot and numerology are two that i have barely touched on. i figured we did have alot of the same interest.

Hey FC! ha! thanks. I wish i could tell you how i did that but i'm not sure. in fact, i had so much trouble getting blogger to put it up, i almost didn't. i use Picasa for my photo editing and collage making and then I did have to resize it. Maybe that did whatever to make it fit? sorry i'm not more help.

Hey Ed! yeah, it just depends on the person; i like a little fiction now and then but i guess my own life is so weird that i just like the how-to books.

myamuhnative said...

Good Books!
I think I have some of the Gardening ones.
I'm about 60-40 on the reference book vs. fiction ratio these days.
Lots of Bird and wildlife,plant books mixed in with lots of Florida fiction writers ,cookbooks and whatever else strikes my fancy.
I've seen comments lately about folks giving up real books for the Kindle and the like,but I'm not giving up my books until they pry them out of my cold dead hands!

edifice rex said...

Hey Mya! right! they can have their crappy ol' Kindle; nothing like having an actual book in your hands!