Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Snow It Melts The Soonest

I woke up last night about 3:30, bleary-eyed, I shuffled through the house for a small drink of milk. A passive solar house means lots of windows and an unfamiliar whiteness shone in from the outside. The realization that it was actually snow startled me completely awake. It's not much but for us and this early in the year, quite unusual.
Grendal was eager to get outside this morning but not for the same reason I was. She always wants to run out onto the deck first thing to see what's new and sniff around. So, she charged out the door but her enthusiasm was quickly dampened by that cold, white stuff everywhere. What the crap!? Let me back in the house! I made her sit out on the deck while I went on a walkabout. Don't fuss; she had a good dry spot to sit by the door.
I love the way it makes the trees look and the pine trees especially. Makes me think of sugared fruit. It didn't even lay on the drive or roads but I am really surprised we got this much. I really can't remember a snow fall this early in the season.
Mountain mint with little snow hats!
Hydrangea skeletons highlighted. Now, don't you Yanks laugh too much. Snow has gotten to be such a rare occurrence here. I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a bit more of it now though.

Oh, never say me farewell here, no farewell I'll
And you shall set me to the stile and kiss and
take your leave;
I'll stay until the curlew calls and the martlet
takes his wing;
Oh, the snow it melts the soonest when the
winds begin to sing.

*Of Irish origin but not much else known.


Rurality said...

I noticed little snow hats everywhere here too. Might even have to make a blog post... :)

Floridacracker said...

She lives! Rurality make that post!

Your place is beautiful with the snow dusting. A fine Celtic song with lots of imagery too. Nice.

I'm thinking Grendal needs to hit the treadmill.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

How nice you got some snow for a few hours of Winter Wonderland.

I just talked to a friend in northern Alabama and she said she had no snow! I guess she wasn't blessed.

We got our first snow that will problably stay and begin to accumulate. We got about 4 inches yesterday. Not enough to bring the plows out.

It will be a White Christmas for us I think.

countrypeapie said...

Love the snow hats -- and the beautiful new pic at the very top of your blog, too.

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

That is beautiful to look at Annie. I think what makes your snow beautiful is that it will probably melt soon, mine is here to stay. We had another big dump yesterday. I've noticed that alot of places allover the US have been getting cold or snow and weird weather that they usually don't get.

edifice rex said...

Hey Karen! yeah! you need to!!!

Hey FC! thanks! yeah, poor Grennie Cat does need a bit of exercise.

Hey Philip! yeah, south of Birmingham was supposed to have gotten the most! If we got 4 inches everybody would just freak out!

Hey Pea! thanks!

Hey Mark! yeah, we enjoy ours so much because it doesn't hang around. it's such a novelty for us. you're right, a lot of places getting earlier and heavier snows than usual.

mountainmelody said...

Beautiful! :)

edifice rex said...

Hey Melody! thanks!

Ed said...

I go down to Alabama and I get snowed on! I can't believe it. I did get a kick out of all the locals talking about how bad it was getting around and there was only a dusting where I was in Wellington. I can't imagine the panic if they were up here in Iowa where I am now where we have a foot of snow and 50 mph zero degree winds!

edifice rex said...

hey Ed! panic is a good word for what it would be, I guarantee!