Thursday, December 31, 2009

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Traditionally, New Year's Eve is spent preparing for the new year. HermitJim has had a lot of wonderful info on his blog lately about such matters but basically, and if possible, all unfinished business should be completed, all debts paid (especially if to an individual), affection extended to all you meet on this day and of course, hospitality offered in the form of dinners and parties.

This is also the night more correctly associated with serving eggnog, rather than Christmas Day, because of the symbolism of eggs to newness and birth.

I also read about a ritual which I thought was very interesting and would be an easy but thoughtful thing to do. Think of all the things in your life which you consider to be a blessing (things you are grateful for) and find a small object that would symbolize each of those blessings. If you still have your tree up, these objects are then placed under the tree on New Year's Eve and left until the new year to assure their continued presence in your life. I just think it's a neat thing to do to help us remember the really important components of our lives.

I know this is a crappy photo but maybe you can tell what I have here. Now, I did not put Grendal there but she obviously thought she was important and needed to be included! And she is! I'm very grateful for my furry companions. They're good company and give me much love. So, I started with a blanket, which would symbolize the security of my home and having a warm, dry place to sleep. My hammer, which is work and my ability to do for and take care of myself. Several gold and silver coins, which is of course, for financial security. The bigger rock there is for my land, something that I am immensely grateful for. I am very fortunate to have this beautiful property. The bundle of lavender is for the earth's gifts of food and the sweet things in life. The mug is one of mine and is there because I'm so grateful for my artistic ability because it enhances my life but also because I can create items that other's believe enhances theirs. Last, but not least, is the heart-shaped rock. Though I don't have a permanent mate, I do have a large group of loving friends and several of the items here were gifts from friends. I am also fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the company of a man, on various levels, when I need it.
So, what would your items be? Do you think I left anything out?

*this song has been done by countless artists; I like Diane Krall's version.


HermitJim said...

I think that's a great idea! Makes perfect sense to me...!

Ed said...

According to Filipino tradition, we will have 13 round fruits on display along with every light in the building at the stroke of midnight. They are a superstitious bunch. Me, I could sufice with a half tumbler of a nice whiskey.

Pablo said...

I'm going to bring in the new year the best way I know how: sleeping.

Aunty Belle said...

Happy New Year Edifice Rex!!!!!

Oh, how I loved your revamped "Few of my favorite things" _-great great work. Love it!

An' the idea of bein' thankful fer all we has, puttin' a token under the tree--wonderful reminders as we enter a new year.

Uncle an me we be layin' low--as we nearly always does...we has a few folks comin' in fer black-eyed peas an' ham tomorry, but tonight we's jes' two--an' we will have venison scallopini, an watch a movie.

I has seed catalogs stacked up fer dreamin' an' schemin'...

but one thang I really want this year is some of yore pottery. I love that blue I see in yore header. Let me know how to order some.

Jes' wishin' ya every good good thang this comin' year.

Beau said...

Beautiful glass... and tradition. Thanks for sharing it. I never knew that about eggnog, very cool. 'Course I like Ed's tumbler of whiskey idea :) Mostly just relaxing here. The boy is old enough to want to stay up this year... we'll see if he makes it. I tend to become reflective... and hopeful.

Wishing you a healtful, hopeful and Happy New Year!

myamuhnative said...

Happy New Year!
I love that Grendal placed herself there to remind you that the FurKids needed to be included too.
I think you have covered all the bases except perhaps you might add a token for continued health.Or perhaps the heart shaped rock can serve dual purposes?
I would add my binoculars to my token pile-both for the good birds they bring me as well as the eyesight to see them!
We, sis and I, are celebrating by going out in search of an American Woodcock at sunset.Hoping to see our first ever bird of this type and hoping even more to see it do it's territorial breeding display.Then we shall head home to comfort the animals at the house when the neighbors begin deploying their fireworks.

Walter Jeffries said...

Hmm... I tackled the blessing list and plan for the new year as well as visiting some folk, via blogs not in person. I'm not a traveler. Then I'll have some delicious cookies baked by my son and we'll read as a family. We'll likely miss midnight although we do get to see the full moon at evening chores.

The furry child is playing at my feet. Raucous she is.

Happy New Years!


Sugar Mountain Farm
in Vermont

Richard said...

Happy New Year Annie !!! May the new year bring you all your heart's desire.

Floridacracker said...

Neat! I think you covered it well. Happy New Year's!!

Island Rider said...

Nice tradition. You inspire me!

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! thanks!

Hey Ed! yeah, the whiskey sounds good to me too!

Hey Pablo! now, that's not very exciting! ;)

Hey Aunty! Thanks so much! I'll email ya about the pottery.

Hey Beau! thanks. Happy New Year to you also.

Hey Mya! Happy New Year to you! hope your animals don't get too freaked out!

Hey Walter! Happy New Year to yu!

Hey Richard! thanks, I hope so and for you too!

Hey FC! Happy New Year to you and your family!

Hey IR! thanks!! Happy New Year!