Thursday, December 10, 2009

Funny The Way It Is

A little while back I went out to dinner with a man that was missing one leg. He had lost it to cancer back when a teenager.
Just a couple of days later, the neighbor's dogs chase and down a sizable deer on my property, not far from the house. Since it was clearly in a bad way, I relieved it of it's misery and upon further investigation, found that it too, was missing one leg. Isn't that kinda funny? What do you suppose the symbolism is in that!? ;D (a joke!)
Since I have been laid off for so long, having a freezer full of deer meat has been quite a blessing; sent just in time.
The man I have not seen since; he never called again. I have the oddest life sometimes.

*Dave Mathews Band


HermitJim said... least you can say that your life isn't boring, right?

Glad you got some meat in the freezer!

Pablo said...

Coinkydink. I'll bet you don't pause to reflect on seeing a whole deer after you've had dinner with a whole man. (That sounds more nasty than I intended.)

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! right!! it's certainly not boring.

Hey Pablo! well, i was mostly joking abut any symbolism; i just thought it was kinda funny. but simply seeing a whole deer say, crossing the road, is a whole lot different than having one practically delivered to your door.

Walter Jeffries said...

The coincidences are there to keep us on our toes. Otherwise who knows what assumptions we would goes (trying to rhyme) about the world. :) Good eating.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

You are not only attractive and would make a lovely dinner date you can also kill, clean and cut up a deer. You need to put that on your resume. Lots of country guys who like women who can fill the larder.

How are you with pigs? I have two sows in great condition. I am too much of a softy to slaugher them. The price for pork on the hoof is so low it is not worth it to send them to the auction.

edifice rex said...

Hey Walter! that's right!

Hey Philip! haha! yeah, lots of men around here would think that was great. I did kill and gut the deer but I can't say that it was that easy for me. That was the largest animal that I have ever slaughtered. I felt it had to be done so I can usually 'just do it', in those situations.
I think you would be a very interesting dinner companion also; compelling conversation I'm sure.

Shannon said...

OMG!!!! We used to see the three legged deer in our yard! One day (the same day I hope) a man came to the door dressed in all his hunting gear, compound bow in hand and asked if he could check our little stand of pines for a three legged deer he had shot and been tracking. I told him to please, by all means, find it and finish the job. I kinda hoped he wouldn't find it and I would so my freezer could be full of venison! What a really weird small world!