Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Warm This Winter

Okay, here is the stuff before I started the firing.

And here it is when I first opening the kiln. Some success but I did have a number of failures. Tricia, I'll email you; I'm going to have to remake your mugs. Since, I haven't been firing in such long time, I sometimes forget that some of the glazes are a little finicky and to fire with this in mind. So, when the kiln went to a hard cone 6 (which some of the glazes love) one of the glazes didn't like it and it did bad things.
A few successful pieces. The red glaze came out especially beautiful, which helps my feelings tremendously. It helps that these red pieces were the only ones that had to be done for Christmas, so they'll be wrapped up snug in their gift boxes by tomorrow night!
It also helps that, when I fire, the kiln actually assists in heating the house, which is a good secondary use of that heat because it's not particularly cheap to fire an electric kiln. It can get up around 80 degrees in the basement when it (kiln) is close to temperature and that warm air rises up through two vents in the floor and feels good!
These are some of the few sets that I really would like to keep for myself. I mean, I like all my stuff but these really came out well. The order was for only one set of bowls so, one of the other sets of 4 might be available if anybody out there might like them.

*Gabriella Cilmi


Woody said...

NICE! You'll have to come up when our friends fire up the groundhog kiln. 24hrs. of stocking the fire, good food and fantastic company.

Merry Christmas Annie

Island Rider said...

Ooh, do those have a little leaf design in the bottom of them?

page said...

ohhhhhhhhh, the little leaf is so sweet---opening the kiln is much fun--by the way, really like the window you're working on, seems less complicated and more meditative to me now--you certainly have your hands on lots of stuff---variety is the spice, right?

Sis said...

Very nice pieces, Annie. The leaf imprint caught my eye instantly too. Howja do that? Happy holidays, girl.

Wendy said...

Wow! Those are some beautiful pieces.

I love pottery. Each year my daughters' dance school hosts an "empty bowl supper" as a fundraiser. Basically, beautiful pottery bowls are donated by local potters, and then, homemade soup and bread are donated by parents of the competition team. People pay $10 for a bowl and then get all the soup and bread they can eat. It's a great fundraiser, and I enjoy going just to get some gorgeous bowls :).

Eutychus2 said...

You do beautiful pottery work. I've just logged on your site not too long ago, is there a catalogue or something one can order from. I really like your square bowls and the cup on the left in the third picture is absolutely wonderful.
thanks for sharing, and have a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! Merry Christmas to you!
thanks and your mug came out great; i'll get the info to you soon.
I would love to see a groundhog fired because that is one of the types that i would consider building here.

Hey IR! yes, several of them have little leaves or dragonflies.

Hey Page! yeah, opening the kiln is fun or sometimes heartbreaking!
thanks abut the window; i like it much better now too.
yeah, sometimes i think i have too much stuff going on!

Hey Sis! thanks! it's just a little rubber stamp; i have a bunch of different kinds.

Hey Wendy! thanks so much!
yes, those 'empty bowl' fundraiser are popular here too! Sometimes they have some of the chefs from the local hoity-toity restaurants make the soup here. But it sure is good.

Hey Euty! well, nice to have you and thank you. I do not have an official catalog but you can still order whatever you would like. Just email me at edificerex@hotmail.com and i can send you a price list of the pieces i offer.
Merry Christmas to you also!

HermitJim said...

Very beautiful stuff, my friend!

Merry Christmas!

Tricia said...

Hey Annie,
No worries from me, I can wait till you are ready to make more if need be.
Was it the blue that misbehaved?
I think the red (oxblood?) is quite nice as well, so don't feel like you have to make me a specific color...
PS Those stamps are really cool-kind of like a surprise at the bottom of the bowl! I'd love to see a dragonfly.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! thanks, man! Merry Christmas to you!

Hey TRicia! yeah, the blue was the one that just went crappy. I made a couple of other colors that came out fine (so they all were not going to be the blue) but figured I should wait to ship them all together. I'm really sorry this happened.

countrypeapie said...

Catching up on things in blogland. For anyone who's thinking of getting some pottery, I was the recipient of the red bowls and mugs and I can't even begin to describe their beauty. We gave some as gifts (it was difficult to part with them!), but kept a mug (which has become my morning coffee go-to mug; my husband is jealous) and a set of round bowls, each of which has a dragonfly stamped in the bottom. They are just right and I love them.

Annie, you are so talented at so many things. Thanks for sharing the 12 days of Christmas with us, and for everything else that you do. :)

edifice rex said...

Hey Pea! well, thanks so much; i really appreciate all that.