Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Building A Wall

I have never tried to post a video before so hopefully I've done this correctly. I think maybe I did not shoot this in the correct mode because it seems to be taking forever to load. I will try something else tomorrow. I thought some of you might find this interesting. Most people never get to see something like this and I just think it's so freakin' cool.

I shot a couple more but they turned out kinda distracting. Hippie was talking to me and laughing and I have a horrible recorded voice so that one is not going up. Anyway, these panels are not some of the biggest we've ever done; the one you see being picked up is only about 25 tons.

I have managed to plant a few things in the garden lately. I'm going kinda slow just because of lack of time and I am adding what amendments to the soil that I can, tilling a row at a time as I get new stuff to plant. My strawberry bed is looking good. Maybe I will actually get some this year!

I'm kinda in a crappy funk again right now and even though I have some topics I want to write about, I feel that they may be colored by my present feelings so I will wait a day or so. I have realized that my job specifically sometimes causes these funks. I enjoy my work and the guys I work with but sometimes it can be trying for me. I try hard not to get sad but being alone in the world gets to me on occasion. I hate to admit that, as I am supposed to be the big independent, modern woman but crap, it would be nice to have a back rub every so often, maybe somebody to eat supper with. So anyway, I'll try to get some non-work related, non whiny posts up soon.

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Shannon said...

VERY cool! But, I would NOT want to be one the people "guiding" that panel from the ground!!! If it started to sail away, there's no way those guys could stop it!! It all made me very nervous. Cool,yes, but it totally gives me the willies. Stay safe! And feel better.

Mouse said...

Looks good to me .video did not load at first but after refreshing page it came up and played fine and quick .
but most like this if set to play after buffer 30-60 seconds can handle a 20 minute video it just depends on how much allocated space and bandwidth you have .
Keep stepping up you did a fine job .

Anonymous said...

You're right - that was pretty cool!

Yes, there are times when having someone around seems like it would be very nice, but then again... Those with partners also have times when they yearn for some peace, quiet, and no one to consult but themselves. Deep breaths, close your eyes, enjoy the moment. Barbara H.

Wendy said...

Oh, wow! I found that I was holding my breath as they were putting the wall into place. Like Shannon said, it made me very nervous, but wow!

edifice rex said...

Hey Shannon! yeah, they make everybody fairly nervous and rightly so.

Hey Mouse! thanks; I see now that it loaded ok.

Hey Barbara! oh sure, I know enough married people that yearn for solitude at times, it goes both ways.

Hey Wendy! we hold our breath too at times! :D

Sissy said...

Very interesting, Annie. I too was nervous watching that 'slab' of concrete moving along. Maybe you should be the company photographer and let the boys do the hard labor. Give us more; I liked this post.

edifice rex said...

Hey Sissy! now, that would not be right to let the boys have all the fun! lol!! I normally am not involved in the setting of the panels; which is the most dangerous part. I will weld them in place once they are ready.

HermitJim said...

Never ceases to amaze me what you folks in the construction trade can put together! This is a really cool video!

I think it's great that you could and would share this with us!

Thanks, my friend!

Caroline said...

My husband is an architect, those construction pictures are always fun to watch when I have only seen the building "on paper"! He loves to be on the jobsite when that kind of work is going on, even if he doesn't have to be.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! thank you; glad you enjoyed it.

Hey Caroline! well, he's unusual! we rarely see the architects unless they just have to be there for a meeting. You would think they would be more interested in 'their' building!

Jenn said...

Quite the ballet that crane operator is performing. 0 margin for error as you come in for the placement.

Amazing to watch. Thanks for the vid!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I have worked in constuction and never seen this type of construction being done. Although I grew up in a house made of concrete slabs stood on end. This went out of fashion in the mid 50's.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jenn! yeah, the crane operators have to be pretty darn good for these jobs. it amazes me how delicate some of them can be.

Hey Philip! I have often wondered why more houses were not built this way; I guess maybe the cost.