Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not That Bad

I would like to say I injured my lip in some incredibly passionate lovemaking session but, alas, the reality was rather stupid and boring. Friday evening Allen called and wanted me to go get some ice cream with him but my truck was loaded down with a ton of gravel so I asked him to bring some to me. So, he did and I scooped us both out some into bowls and then stuck the spoon in my mouth. I know you may see where this is going and are cringing. Well, the spoon froze to my lip but I didn't really feel that and I pulled the spoon out. Part of my bottom lip came with it. And yes, that does hurt about as much as you would think. I also bleed like a stuck hog but once it quit bleeding it has not been that bad. It swelled up some but it's not too bad now.
Later I was eating some popcorn and felt like I was crunching something other than popcorn. It was a small piece of back molar. That tooth had been filled in the past and just a small piece broke but now that's one other thing to fix. It doesn't hurt or anything.

As far as the birds. I was sitting out on the deck one day, I think Saturday, enjoying the sunshine after eating lunch and decided it was a good day for some sunbathing. So, I was reclining in a chair on the deck and I just about drifted off but was vaguely aware of birds chirping rather intensely. All of a sudden, I felt something jumping up and down on my head, making quite a fuss. I sat up quickly and two little nuthatches flew over to the handrail, not 2 feet from me, and proceeded to give me the evil eye. I couldn't figure out what they were up to. They did it again a few minutes later and then I looked down and saw two little miniature versions of the adults looking innocently up at me from below. Apparently, the babies were on the initial test flight and had landed on the deck for a rest. The young ones were just running all over the deck exploring and ran up to me as well, unaware of the distress they were causing their parents, who proceeded to take it out on me. I just laid back down and ignored the whole bunch and they eventually flew off. The little babies were so cute though with their big, dark eyes peeping up at me. They didn't seem scared at all.

Now, Fred has been planning this trip to Ecuador for some time and he finally left Monday morning. I was not real thrilled about it and not because I'm some kind of killjoy, but because Fred is 84 and not in the best of health and he went completely alone. Now, I know Fred is a big boy and all that but it still worries me. I hope he has a good time though and doesn't get mugged. Hell, with his luck, they'll probably proclaim him governor.

Update! I have received a couple of emails from Fred. Right now he is in Quito, doing fine and seeing some sights. I think Friday he moves on to another city and will be there for a couple of weeks.

I've been working like crazy but don't seem to be getting a lot done, although I know I'm making some progress. Still in a little bit of a funk just due to being overwhelmed and alone too long. We'll see. Got to go to bed now. They did change our hours so I get an extra 30 minutes of sleep in the morning. Woo hoo!!


Jenn said...

Sleep is GOOD.

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Thanks for clarifying all the mysteries Annie. Now it all makes sense. Damb frozen spoon, damb birds, damb dentist, and that damb Fred. Hope you slept well Annie.

Mouse said...

Well bad luck seems to of hit you
rough this go around .Its only life good and the bad .Continuous circle that we hope is more good and less bad .I know you will enjoy that 30 MINUTES OF SLEEP (if you remembered to reset alarm clock )

Island Rider said...

Though I am sure all that hurt, it is not as bad as I imagined. I thought for sure you had a really bad accident.

Floridacracker said...

If you had held a gun to my head and demanded I guess how Annie may have hurt her lips, I could never have come up with that one!

Hope you heal soon!

HermitJim said...

I only hope the ice cream was worth the hurt lip! Somehow, I'm thinking it was! I love ice cream!

Ed said...

As the parent of a little girl not quite four years old, I know EXACTLY how those nuthatches felt!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Now if you were a northern gal you would know not to stick you lips on cold steel. This is a lesson kids in this area learn early and remember not to go it again. You must have had really cold ice cream. Did you also suffer "brain freeze" eating the ice cream.

My sister is off to South American alone. She is 69 so not as old as your friend. She went to Ecuador a couple of years ago to help polish her Spanish and then go to Galapagos Islands. This time it Peru to polish her Spanish and then high up to visit Machu Picchu.

I loved your encounter with the Nuthatches and you laid back response.

edifice rex said...

HEy Jenn! yes, it is.

Hey Mark! lmao!! yeah, damn stuff! I did sleep pretty good but then woke up at my former getting up time; dammit!

Hey Mouse! well, I've had worse bad luck; this wasn't so bad. and yes, i enjoyed my extra sleep.

Hey IR! yeah, I guess it sounded real bad!

Hey FC! isn't that the truth!? the truth doesn't do much to reinforce my degenerate construction worker image! :D

Hey Jim! I love ice cream too and yes, it was very good!

Hey Ed! yeah! well, here's hoping that the worse creatures she ever encounters are as gentle as me!

Hey Philip! well, I've eaten ice cream a gazillion times and I've never froze my lips to the spoon before! :D I couldn't believe it. But no, it did not give me brain freeze; go figure.
Oh! I would LOVE to visit Macchu Picchu! I recently saw a documentary on it and it's engineering marvels. Their drainage system is almost exactly as we use today.

Rusty said...

Super cold spoon - ouch, nuff said. Speaking about baby critters it looks like there will be at least one brood of raccoon kits this summer. Chloe, my wild but friendly backyard raccoon is expecting. That will be lots of fun when she brings them by to show off the brood. ATB!
P.S. that weather on satellite looks scarey!

edifice rex said...

Hey Rusty! I've never seen baby raccoons in real life (plenty of adults however), that would be so cool!
The weather turned out not to be so bad, thankfully.
good to have you here!

Beau said...

Cool story about the birds. Good for Fred too... I sure hope I'm up for that at 84. A ways to go still :)