Sunday, April 25, 2010

Say A Little Prayer

Due to a hectic work schedule and such I haven't been making my rounds of my blogroll on a real regular schedule lately so today I checked one that I hadn't visited in about a week or so. It is written by a young woman who lives with her husband on a little homestead in the mountains. I was horrified and saddened to read today that her husband had killed himself last week. It upset me so badly. I cried all morning. For her, for him. I've never met these people and only commented on her blog a couple of times but it's funny how blogs are. You kinda get to know these people some and feel some connection to them. I thought that perhaps I should not even speak of this here, as it is technically none of my business. I'm not involved or anything and I don't have the right to talk about other people's lives. That's one reason that I'm not stating who's blog it is, although I know some of you read it and will know who I'm speaking of.
But I just feel so bad for her. Of course, it makes me think of my brother and so I know some of the pain she is going through. It's a pain like nothing you can imagine. Please say a prayer for her and the family or send good thoughts if that is more your beliefs. I know first hand this is a subject that makes many people very uncomfortable but I have to say one other thing. If you ever know anyone that is unfortunate enough to experience suicide, please take a moment to say a few words to them or even send a card. This woman seems blessed enough to have many good friends and family that are very supportive but I remember very well when my brother killed himself. Most people would not acknowledge it. I had two former boyfriends who called me to express their condolences and two other acquaintances sent a card. That was it. I cherished those cards and words very much and they did help. I read them over and over. It was odd that they were from people I really did not expect to hear from and my 'good friends' never said a word. It was like my brother was not worth acknowledging. Yeah I know that a lot of people don't know what to say or are afraid of saying the wrong thing but to ignore it is worse. Sorry to be a downer again but this just makes me so sad.

I have often wondered what it would be like to meet the other bloggers I read and the people who read mine. Of course, I have met a few and we even get together some for dinner when we can and have a lot of fun. But what about all those spread out all over the world. I wonder, would it spoil it to meet these people? Would I be less inclined to write about certain things if I 'knew' who was reading it. There is a certain freedom to anonymity. Or would it make it better? To put a face with the comments left on my blog. I do know what some of you look like but it's different to meet someone in person. You know, there would be some that you would probably think you would really like and then after meeting think, what an asshole! lol! Or maybe vice versa. Some you may think you would not like and turn out to really get along with. At any rate, what an odd way to connect to people. But it does work I guess.

*Aretha Franklin does a nice version of this song.


Sissy said...

Reading the blog regularly, I too was shocked, Annie, as all readers must be...and made me cry for their situation. We never know what another is going through, do we?
This family will be in my thoughts a long time to come.

Being bipolar is a terrible condition to live with. Medication didn't help much for my friend. It seemed he was just a guinea pig for experimentation! And of course, for draining the family dry over the years!

chickory said...

how awful. i will say a prayer for her and you...i know how badly this hurts. and suicide hurts doublely because it suggests (wrongly) a lot of what ifs on those who are left to deal. i am so sorry.

on the other point: i have met many of the bloggers i blog with - once we had a summit out in seattle with four of us. my assessment? people are pretty much what they are on their blogs....a blog is like any creative endeavor, it reveals its maker even when they are in disguise.

peace to you.

edifice rex said...

Hey Guys! thanks for your thoughts; both very insightful.