Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Only Life

This weekend I managed to rip off a piece of my lower lip, break a tooth, get attacked by birds and Fred ran off to Ecuador....
Oh, and none of these incidences were related. In case you're wondering.

So how was your weekend? Better than mine I hope.

*Kate Voegele


Hayley said...

Oh my.
Is this some type of cliffhanger?

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

I had a good weekend, but I had a shitty day this Monday, if that makes ya feel any better Annie. lol. But really, I hope you're alright, sounds like things did'nt want to go your way at all this weekend. A ripped lip, thats gotta hurt. I hope you had better luck today.

myamuhnative said...

I hope you are doing better now.
And hope maybe we get to hear the stories!
I'd love to run off to Ecuador (again)to chase some of the world's most beautiful birds-especially the hummingbirds.
But who is Fred and why did he run off?

Anonymous said...

Ay yi yi...

ErinFromIowa said...

Sweet Mama! Details!

Sissy said...

Oh no, Annie. Your lip! What happened?

Anonymous said...

OWWW!! That's gotta hurt!!
Who's Fred? Am I being replaced?

Island Rider said...

Ow! Hope things get better soon.

page said...

did the strawberry troll beat you up with that watering can?
and the birds joined in just for fun, brutes!
and we all know Fred is going to have the time of his life, lucky seriously, hope you feel better.....and do tell, please

do you lisp?

edifice rex said...

Hey Hayley! well, i didn't intend it to be but i guess maybe so!

Hey Mark! No, that doesn't make me feel better! lol! I hate to hear you had such a bad day! hope yours has gotten better!

Hey mya! yeah, i'll tell ya'll the stories! Fred is my 84 year old neighbor/friend who does not get around well and I fear should not go running off to a foreign country by himself.

Hey V.! ya!

Hey Erin! ok! soon!

Hey Sissy! it wasn't as bad as it sounds but it did hurt and bleed quite a bit.

Hey Furt! No, you're not being replaced (is that possible?) even though you haven't been commenting lately! ;) was wondering where you went!
Yeah, it hurt!!

Hey IR! thanks!

Hey page! lol!! no, no lisp!
well, I think it is going to be a time of his life but not sure if a good time!

Beau said...

Oh my. Hope your lip is better, and everything else too... and what is Fred thinking?!

Floridacracker said...

Gee Whiz!
Ya gotta fill in the blank spots!

edifice rex said...

Hey Beau! thanks! as far as Fred; I have no idea.

Hey FC! I will!

Jenn said...

Break a tooth? There's a story there, no?

(Or did you, like me, bite down on the fork... pretty embarrassing, really)

Wendy said...

Ow! I hope you're doing better.

discount coupons said...

I had a great weekend but yesterday was totally hectic day for me..

Anonymous said...

ack ER, did you8 run over a black cat or something LOL!

Hope that lip is better soon!

Sissy said...

Ouch! I do that with ice sometimes; hurts.

Had a hummingbird debating coming inside yesterday. Spring is wonderful, isn't it?

I think maybe there are others out here who now worry about Fred...and he'll never know about it. Sure hope he stays safe.
Keeps us undated when you know something of him. "Daring Devil" I will name him.

Hang in there, Annie.