Saturday, October 09, 2010

Back To The Grindstone

Okay folks! I swear, no more photos of vacation, talk of vacation or reminiscing of vacation! I shall not inflict any more of my travelocities on you lest I start losing readers!

Anyway, things are pretty much back to normal here. Just working around the house. I have been on a major cleaning spree since returning home and have already taken yet another load of stuff to Goodwill. I reorganized and added shelving to my one existing closet so that it is easier to access. Now, to just put a door on the thing. I really need to hang the interior doors but when you live by yourself that just doesn't seem like much of a priority.
I seem to have a fair amount of motivation since returning and am eager to get some projects finished around here. Like the siding. Geez! I must finish that crap, painting and all!
So, when I have a few pics of my projects I'll be back, which will hopefully be soon. I know none of this stuff is particularly exciting so I'm not going to foist my caulking expertise on you either! lol!

Oh yeah, I know several of you have left comments of late concerning Lika. Here's the deal. Lika doesn't live here anymore. He got real bad about wanting to wander off and I felt he was bored and lonely here by himself because of how much I work. At first, he just went over to the next door neighbors to play with their dogs and they didn't mind, so it was okay. But then he started to go further and I can't afford to install a fence of any kind. Plus, to me that is kinda cruel, to make him live alone; dogs are very social creatures. I also refuse to keep a dog in the house; which again, is keeping him alone. I know this will probably get me some ugly comments but dogs are meant to live outside in my world and Lika did have a nice doggie door for the basement with a nice bed. So, I let him go live with a couple in town that have a fenced yard and another dog. He just wasn't happy here and I was not able to spend enough time with him.


Jenn said...

Sounds like Lika has a great new home. Good for him!

And good for you.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jenn, well, it was probably the best thing.

HermitJim said...

The nice thing is that you can still go visit from time to time!

He does need some company, though.

Hard as it was, you probably did the right thing!

edifice rex said...

Hey jim! well, I probably find cats more enjoyable company anyway.

Ed said...

I wish more people thought about dogs like you.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It do doesn't seem like Lika will be unhappy and he will have a playmate too. And getting back to everyday life isn't bad either.

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! well, I just see no point in keeping any animal and it not being happy.

Hey Beatrice! yeah, it's all good.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Your dog seems to have gotten a good deal. You are wise to know that it was not a good situation for him at your place. In my World they shoot dogs who don't behave the way some adult thinks they should. Such was the fate of some neighbours dogs that kept wandering off, or barked, or killed chickens. Not all red necks are south of the Mason-Dixon line.

My bitch, Heidi, share my house and my bed. Sorry, we are close. She is the Great Dane who thinks she is a lap dog. She is very needy according to her caregiver when I was in Belgium.(Just like her master) I had to get my friend Lynne to promise not to tell her children that I made her sleep with a dog, plus me, the old hound. I guess that is as close as I can come to sleeping with two females, although I came close with a lesbian couple once (Another story, never told!)

I guess your time away made you appreciate your home and you are inspired to finish it. I wished you lived close I would be bringing you over a couple of cats.

edifice rex said...

Hey Philip! Jack says the same thing about sleeping with me and Grendal! lol!
Well, if a person likes having their dog inside that is their choice; to each their own. As long as the dog is being well cared for that is what matters.
Being away did make me appreciate home; you are right! and I want to start the finishing touches on this thing!