Friday, October 22, 2010

I Shoulda Known

Ha! The office called today about me coming back to work. Seems they have something of an 'artsy' type project they feel would be something just for me. Actually, it sounds interesting and possibly something that would be fun. The general superintendent also mentioned that after I complete that project, one of the other supers has been asking about getting me on his newly started job. Blah. And to top it off, the job is in downtown Birmingham. Not a fun place to work. But, we'll see. None of it may come to be anyway.
In other, more important news, I have almost completed the clerestory area. Just a tad more touch up on the paint and install a little metal trim on the roof.

This shot better shows the newly sided end, although that bright spot blocks out how well the siding matched up between sides. Oh well, you get the idea. I did a real good cleaning on the windows also and removed the screens, which are on the inside of this type window. They are dark colored screens and I thought it might possibly give me a slight bit more solar gain if they were not there. The sunshine does seem brighter inside the house and those windows won't be open now anyway, so no screens are needed.

The local farmers' market is closing this week so I made one run there yesterday and picked up a few things to put up for the winter. I am drying some onions now, per Karl's example, and will probably get some more. You are right Karl, dried, those things are like candy! I also put up some green beans and have several pounds of apples to dry or put up some other way. From what I have been reading lately I believe we may experience some really high food prices this winter in the grocery stores, so I am trying to stock up on some stuff now, while the prices are good. There were so many problems with many countries wheat and corn harvests this year that many things could be affected. You have to keep in mind that much grain is used for livestock feed, not just our consumption as bread products, so the price of meat, milk and eggs, etc. could go way up.
While I was putting up food and cooking a really nice dinner, Mouser Jack cleaned the garden up for me. I know, it still looks like shit but that is because I let it go so long, not because he didn't do a better job. I actually have two tomato plants that are still producing and two cayenne pepper plants that may never stop! Those things are the most prolific plants I have ever seen. As a matter of fact, if anyone would like some seeds from these cayenne just email me with your address and I'd be happy to send you some. I'm not sure the exact variety but they are very robust to say the least.
My blueberries and raspberries are still doing well it seems although I had one of my best apple trees to die suddenly a couple of weeks ago. Not sure what happened there but I need to replace it pronto. I really want to have some producing fruit trees as soon as possible. The garden needs some major work soon because I have some cabbage and broccoli starts that need planting, along with maybe some spinach and lettuce. I really want to try to keep some crops going all year around and with our relatively mild winters I believe I should be able to. If I can keep my brain focused on it.
Well, I didn't mean to babble on this much but anyway, that's the deal! lol! There town is having it's annual Covered Bridge Festival tomorrow so Jack and I are going to hit that for a while and see what's up and maybe roam around looking for some yard sales.


Sissy said...

That section of the house looks so, so good, Annie. I love it. A really good post. I would love some of the cayenne seeds. Would you like some 'money plant seeds'? Honesty is another name. Lavender blooms.

ErinFromIowa said...

The house looks very attractive! I am all about getting max sunshine into my apt through the west windows. The only time of day it makes me kind of wacky is when the light shows up every dust speck and fingerprint. Yikes!
Would one of those peppers grow in a west window?

Anonymous said...

Wow, the clerestory looks fantastic! I really like the way you carried that rafter tail treatment onto the verge - that looks brilliant.


HermitJim said...

Looking good, my industrious friend! Hope you enjoy the new job, if you decide to take it!

karl said...

This next spring Tabitha will be going back to school. Our garden will shrink as a result but not the onion section. Dried onions are integral in our diet now.

the clerestory looks elegant, congratulations.

Floridacracker said...

The house looks great!
And the artsy job should be just the thing for you.
Hope you share that one with us too if it's allowed.

edifice rex said...

Hey Sissy! thanks! I'll send you some seeds! I'm suppossed to have sent you my address anyway...I forgot there for a few days! Sometimes you got to remind me of stuff. And yes, some money plant seeds would be great! I've seen those before and thought they were neat.

Hey Erin! thanks! yeah, the sunlight does that in my kitchen sometimes and makes me crazy! lol! I just try not to look at anything shiny!
I'm not sure that these peppers would do well with just afternoon sun but they might. They seem to like sun all day. I'll send you some seeds though if you want to try.

Hey Anon-R! thanks! you know, I had some second thoughts about about letting that rafter tail show on the verge there but I guess it looks okay! lol!

Hey jim! thanks! well, I know I'll take the artsy project but I'll just see about the other.

Hey Karl! thanks! yes, I think the dried onions will be handy for many things and it's nice to have them stored without needing electricity, like for a freezer.

Hey FC! thanks! I will share it with ya'll if I do it. It shouldn't be anything that they would mind being published.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

House is looking good, Annie. And garden always keep you busy, whether planting, weeding, of pulling up. We will be doing all that shortly when we FINALLY return home early this week. Good luck on whatever job you get next - or decide to take.

edifice rex said...

Hey Beatrice! thanks!