Monday, October 25, 2010

Quiet Times

Hey folks! I'm still around. Things have been a little slow around here but I have managed to get a few things done. Jack and I worked in the garden some more (mostly Jack) clearing overgrowth and brambles and have actually got it in pretty good shape. I have started the new layout and sectioning for the area but don't have any pics for you as I misplaced my camera. I think I left it in Jack's truck but I will get some new photos up when I get the camera back. I also planted cabbage and broccoli after amending the soil a bit more. That seems a never-ending chore. I may ask my next door neighbor, who rents her pasture out for cattle, if I can do some poop scooping around the barn. Aged cow manure is great for the garden and yes, I will make sure it is well aged.
I am installing a gravel walkway around the perimeter of the garden with the planting area sectioned up into quarters. I believe this will help me keep it in better order and make it easier to control weeds.
Lately though, I have been in kind of a funk again, due to a great extent to having some real issues with my back. It's not so much my back but another internal problem that is causing pressure on my back. Long time readers know I have an abnormality with an organ and an issue with this is causing some severe lower inflammation, which is affecting my back. I went to the doctor this past week and have decided to have a small procedure next week that I believe will relieve the problem. For now, regular doses of a prescription anti-inflammatory are keeping it manageable but I abhor such drug use and don't want to continue doing that.
It may be quiet around here until I get to feeling better but I will try to continue to post some. I have been feeling quite isolated here lately also, so I don't want to disappear all together. I enjoy the contact with my readers, distant though it is. So many people my age, or thereabouts, have families and are super busy with them, so it's hard for a single person to socialize with them. Of course, I'm rather used to spending time alone though, so it's not a great hardship.
I'll be back soon.


Island Rider said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. The quiet times are good for the soul and make us appreciate the times that are full of friends and activity.

Hayley said...

Said a prayer for you. Hope you are feeling better soon.

edifice rex said...

Hey IR! thanks! that is true.

Hey Hayley! thank you very much.