Friday, October 29, 2010

Fight For Your Right

I recently ran across this article over at Homesteading Neophyte's and was disturbed enough to want to share this. Our government is apparently on a mission to control all of our food and destroy all small, local farmers. Please check this article and information out and contribute if you are able and feel inclined. They will not stop unless we resist. I, for one, refuse to get my food from nasty, drug-laden factory farms anymore and these small dairies and farms are increasingly becoming a major target for the FDA. Money talks you know, and Corp. Food and Big Pharma yell the loudest apparently.
Please share this and get involved before they take away all our rights to even feed ourselves.

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Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I am always struck by the fact that most food (poisonings) come from large corporate operations. People do not seem to understand that there are problems with such large corporations in food growing and processing.

The lack of support for small farm holdings has the added destructive effect of depopulating the countryside to the degree that small communities die.

edifice rex said...

Hey Philip! yes, you are correct in both cases and make a very good point. I think more people are becoming aware of the problems associated with corp. farming but much of the public is still too lazy or uninterested in demanding change. They are willing to just take their chances with the food that is provided to them.

Ed said...

Playing the pessimist, I don't buy for a minute that most food poisonings come from large corporations. I'll give you that more people get sick (per incident) when something goes wrong which is why you hear about them. I know plenty of 'war' stories of local farmers getting sick off of their own food but it just doesn't make the news. Do people believe that all small scale vegetable, meat, or in this case dairy producers create their product in a sanitary fashion? Come up my way and I'll show you a dairy barn run by some Amish down the road that would make a billy goat puke and their milk gets picked up and goes to who knows where. Yet Amish are revered as quaint wholesome people. Another example is a organic dairy being run north of town by a man now running for Secretary of Agriculture in this state three days from now. My parent's neighbor who picks up milk for a living has also dropped off non-organic milk produced by other producers at this guy's dairy and yet all his packaging says organic.

Bottom line, we all need to know where our food comes from be it large scale operations or small independent operations.

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! Well, you make a good point and I think most people realize that all the farmers that proclaim to be "organic and wonderful" are not always the most honest about their claims let's say. Even I am rather skeptical about some of the organic meat I buy; I mean, I can't actually see the farms, so how do I know for sure? you know?
However, there does seem to be an alarming rise in the number of small farmer/ dairies (organic or not) that are being trounced upon by the FDA. Now, these people (the FDA) are the same ones telling us that all these prescription drugs like Lyrica and Boniva etc etc, that are killing or disabling people are completely safe and go ask your doctor for some! And yes, I realize that there have always been side effects to drugs but once again the frequency seems to be increasing at an alarming rate. So, yes, I am a little wary of the FDA's claim that they want what's best for the American public. I think what they want best is the money that's lining their pockets from the Corp. Food and Big Pharma.
And they get more of it by demonizing non-corporate farms and people who try to promote healthy, drug-free lifestyles.
So, yes, I totally agree with your last statement also. That's why I want to grow my own. I know me! :)