Friday, March 04, 2011

I Won't Crap Out

Yes, that is a shit load of crap. Cow crap to be specific. So, we won't be crapping out or out of crap for some time. Not unless the shit hits the fan anyway and then we are probably going to be in deep shit or up shit creek, however you want to look at it. Actually, I prefer not to look at it or smell it either but it is good for the garden. Anyway, Jack finally got his shit together today and went over to the cow neighbor, who said they didn't give a shit if we got it, and loaded poor ol' Blue down (twice) with well, cow shit, for the garden. Jack is usually full of shit but today the truck was too. Afterward, he was really pooped.
Hehehee, okay, have ya'll had enough?

I'm pretty good at spreading shit, so I got this honor. As soon as the rain stops we are going to till this in and it will sit and compost some more for about 4 to 6 weeks. By planting time the shit should be straightened out. Hopefully, I will be able to grow a shit load of veggies now.

Chigger says, 'I'm staying out here; I'm not getting involved in that shit!' Actually, Chigger the Dog (as Jack says is her full title) knows that the garden is off limits to her. Her mole chasing habits would destroy my plantings.

I also spread this kelp meal over the garden to be tilled in with the other crap. I have used this stuff before and it really helps to add many nutrients to the soil. It is supposed to be sustainably harvested from areas of the sea that do not suffer from contamination. I try to use only natural fertilizers and make my own compost etc. but this soil here is very lean and I'm just trying to get it up to the point it will grow stuff halfway decently. After testing the soil last year I was actually not so surprised to see it was basically dirty colored sand.
I finally have my handy-dandy, homemade composter working and I will be showing that to you soon and hopefully, adding much needed 'black gold' of my own making.

Well, rain is coming in tonight and looks to be here for a couple of days, so my projects have moved inside. I hope to get the pantry floor installed this weekend and will be showing that to you soon also. I'll be very excited to be finished with that; thrilled shitless I guess you'd say.


Engineeredgarden said...

Wow, that's an ass-load of crap! Hehe....

Floridacracker said...

What a crappy post.

Chigger looks great!

Ed said...

After reading this post all I could think was holy shit!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The bull-shit is certainly going around this post. Annie. and good thing there's anough to spread it. Grenville will be up to the same crap (couldn't resist) later today and oh yeah he has invited me to help too.

Anonymous said...

I wish my neighbors would give a crap! Or two even.
I could use some compost other than the recycled coffee grounds we save from work.
I used to get Crap all the time from my BFF who works at the zoo .
It was called Rebeccah's ridiculously rich rhino roughage.
But then our crappy zoo finally realized that perhaps they should take a crap and spread it around the landscaping.
Where do you get your kelp meal?

Anonymous said...

oops, that's me above

Sissy said...

That's a good view of your home.
As for the look on Chigger's face, I'm wondering if it is from his master's orders or from the smell coming from that crap through the gate.
Wish that cow factory/dairy was still up the back road. I'd have all the shit I could handle.
I once put dried cow patties on my rhubarb plants. The shit killed them overnight.

Sissy said...

Just came across this:
A suitable companion to your post.
Makes me wonder, WHAT NEXT?

Maybe you should plan an authentic shit-smelling sensational outing for some of the city folks around your area. It may be lucrative. Haha.

HermitJim said...

I don't even know where to start with this post...except to say it was enjoyable to read!

I'm still laughing! Thanks for the grins this morning!

edifice rex said...

Hey EG! hehee!!

Hey FC! lol!! thanks!

Hey Ed! HA! me too!

Hey Beatrice! lol! yeah, I laughed when i read ya'll were going to be doing doo-doo duty too!

Hey Mya! Wow! rhino crap!! that would have been great!
I by the kelp meal and other organic supplements from Garden's Alive. Buy $50 worth and they give you $25 of it free.

Hey Sissy! Ha! that's great! yeah, we could charge them to come smell our cow crap and eat a real tomato!!

Hey Jim! lol! you're welcome!

Jenn said...

Yep. That soil looks more like sand and less like loam. You need more shit.

*leaves with grin*

Woody said...

That isn't a pink cement mixer in the background of the first photo..?

Woody said...

On second viewing..your composter. Too funny!

edifice rex said...

Hey Jenn! Yeah, I DO need more shit!! lol!

Hey Woody! yes, it is a pink concrete mixer! It started out red but the sun has faded it. :D

Anonymous said...

Here on the Eastern Shore we try to be more genteel about our animal waste products. Names like Bovine Bounty, Equine Soil Enhancer, and Swine Sweetner keep the tourists happy. Of course those of us that use these wonderful terms are usually so full of it our eyes have turned brown and our back teeth are floatin'. Our only problem is what to call the large amount of Chicken Shit we spread on our fields. Of course without it we would have no "Ode du Spring" aroma for the tourists to enjoy.:-)

edifice rex said...

Hey Grenville! lol!! that's great!