Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stinkin' Up The Great Outdoors

Seems like everything we've been doing lately requires a good bit of sweat. It's good, decent manual labor though. It's always nicer when you are doing it for yourself rather than a company, in my opinion.

We did take a little break and go fishing Friday however. Seeing as how I live only about 10 miles form a beautiful lake, it's a shame not to go drown some worms on occasion. And that's about all we managed to do. Didn't even get one bite. Oh, I did manage to get really sunburned.

More poo was brought in this weekend and I tilled it all in while Jack continued to dig post holes for the new garden/chicken coop fence. I'm very anxious to start planting but this needs to sit for awhile and let that manure break down some more. We are going to try to get a little footing ready for the tool shed part of the chicken complex so we can pour tomorrow. I don't have any mud set up as of yet but often times if you call in the morning they can get a truck to you at some point.
So, lots of work going on here! I hope you all are having fun and getting some stuff done.


Anonymous said...

The garden is looking good. We're using composted manure so the wait is a little shorter. Hopefully we will have it all turned by next week. Have you ever thought about a compact tractor? That tiller would kill me.
Grenville (a fellow bait killer)

Floridacracker said...

I had one for years and wow, what a great machine.
I thought I was busy today until I read your post.

edifice rex said...

Hey Grenville! thanks! most of this manure is actually pretty dried and old but Jack did pick up some fresh; he is still learning this gardening stuff!
I have often thought of a compact tractor and at one point looked very seriously at them. I'm still open to them but there are some small tiller you can attach to the back of a riding mower if I get to where I don't want this walk behind tiller.

Hey FC! No, actually it's not a Troybuilt; it's some brand I never heard of. This is an old recycled tiller that Rurality gave us and Jack put a new motor on. He painted it in the red and black colors. It seems to be a darn good little machine though.

Sissy said...

Your soil looks good. Would that tiller happen to be a BIG O?

edifice rex said...

Hey Sissy! a big 'O'?? lol! I'm not sure what that is. It was/is a Ralley, I think.

Island Rider said...

I just read your comment on FC's post, "a commemorative vacation?" What's up?

edifice rex said...

Hey IR! Oh, well, Jack is doing his best to talk me into marrying him. lol! We are negotiating! Ha! just kidding; but we have been discussing matters.