Friday, March 18, 2011


I piddled around yesterday enough to get the forms lined (straightened), the vapor barrier in and started on the rebar. I think I've mentioned this before but a vapor barrier underneath concrete is very important if there is ever going to be any enclosed structure on top of the concrete. If you don't have it you can get sweating on top of the slab and, inside a structure, this is not good. Also, I always put my stakes and kickers about every 3 to 4 feet down the form. Any further apart and you tend to get bows in the form. If I were using actual beamsides or forms (plywood backed by 2x4's) I would not need kickers on such a short form. Always kick both sides of all corners too. I used the turnbuckles for my kickers because, 1. I had them and didn't have 2x's and 2. the form had a little wiggle to it so I could pull it out with the turnbuckles.
I just scrounged out what #4 rebar I had and threw that in there. I think it's on about 16" centers. This slab really didn't need much but you do want to have some steel in any slab or sidewalk. Heavy wire mesh would have been fine also. I'm hoping to pour Monday or Tuesday.

The flowers are really kicking in here. Things are real starting to grow and blossom.

The broccoli has gone gangbusters! I picked a large mess for supper the other night and it continues to produce these shoots just all over the plant. I am curious to see how long they will do this. I guess until it gets pretty warm. And so far, knock on wood, I've not had any problems with pests.


Sissy said...

Your posts just make me itch to get to work. The plants are a visual delight, and make me realize I'm far behind already. Darned old age decline! I WANT to do these things too.

ErinFromIowa said...

Thank you for the gardening pick me up.
Your broccoli looks amazing!

edifice rex said...

Hey Sissy! Oh, I wish I could offer you a bit more help than just encouraging photos! Maybe you will be able to start your gardening soon.

Hey Erin! thanks and you're welcome!