Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Black Dog

"Black Dog" is one of my favorite Led Zep songs so I thought I would show ya'll a pic of Miss Betty. I have mentioned her here I think and on Rurality. She's not the sharpest knife in the drawer sometimes but she's a sweet dog. She actually belongs to Fred. She was just a stray that came up a couple of summers ago and he kept her. She used to come down and visit us regularly when she heard us working on the house but some other dogs were passing by there one day and they scared her. Now she will not come back down unless I walk with her the whole way. We are living in the back of Fred's store right now to save money while we build our house and so Miss Betty comes to see us every morning, hoping for a treat. I try to walk every morning for exercise and she will always go with me. There is a very steep hill that I walk down and then back up and she used to go with me to the bottom but now she will stop about half way and wait on me to come back up. Maybe she's not as dense as I thought. I was going to put on another pic of Grendal, my cat, but Blogger is being very stubborn lately about accepting pictures so maybe later. We are still waiting expectantly for drawings and will post them as soon as we receive some finals.

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