Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Something Coming Up

Hey! We actually started the framing! Here we have framed up the main beams that will support the floor joists. These beams are composed of 3 side by side 2x10's. We used 16 footers where we could and spliced in shorter sections to complete the overall length with the joints staggered. Does that make sense? Sometimes I don't know if I make sense. The 2x4's running across are just for bracing right now. This section of the house is 28' wide so the floor joists (which will run crosswise over the beams) will span 14' approx.
Here Allen is explaining or bragging about things to Fred and his twin daughters. Allen's daughters, not Fred's.

This is just a little detail of the beams from underneath. The beams are just nailed now but we will bolt all three 2x's together at the joints this weekend and they are also bolted to the steel columns with lag bolts.

Someone asked me about architect fees the other day and I don't think I answered that as well as I could. Maybe this is better. Most architects get 10-12% of the estimated value of the building. Allen says residential architects get a little more than commercial. I don't know.

I will post some more pottery photos as soon as I can as I have had some requests for that.


pablo said...

I quiver and quake to see these photos. Congratulations on making your dream come true. Someday. Someday.

edifice rex said...

Thanks so much Pablo! We are terribly excited too.

kara said...

pottery photos please! :)