Monday, March 27, 2006

Old Friends

In order to help finance the house, I have hired back on part time with the construction company I used to work for. They are a commercial company (building hospitals, retail etc) but the job I'm going to be on is a house. It is a restoration of a very large house built in the 1920's. It should be very interesting. The house actually has a room in the basement that was a room in a castle in England that was disassembled and shipped over here and reassembled in this house. I am quite excited really. I will be working with some of my old buddies again, which is always fun, and doing some welding first thing which is also fun.
We are still waiting on drawings for our house and did not do a whole lot this past weekend on it. We are ready to put the subfloor down but the local lumber yard was out of the plywood we needed so we just worked tidying up and putting in some last framing. We could have got the plywood at Lowe's (devil store) but they are running about $5 a sheet more than the lumber yard here. Lowe's, Home Depot etc. are generally a rip on lumber (and some other stuff) and I don't like buying from them anyway.
This post is also in memory of an old friend too. An old carpenter I worked with years ago when I was just a little apprentice girl, passed away this past week. He was a dear man. I worked with him on the first 2 jobs I was on and back then he was one of the few men who would work as my partner (apprentices are always put with a journeyman until they get some experience). He used to tell the most awful, corny jokes and I could not help but laugh and we would get in trouble with the boss. Boss man always threatened to seperate us but he never did. He had not been retired long when they found out he had cancer and he did not last too long. Alot of the guys I have worked with are really good friends still. Some people tend to think the men wouldn't treat a woman construction worker well but for the most part they are some really good men.


Earth Monkey said...

hi, i just discovered your blog. i think your quest is very honorable. i am jealous. one day i hope to leave urban sprawl for a simpler simpler life. for now i can live vicariously through adventurous people like yourself. looking forward to the adventure! cheers!

edifice rex said...

Hey monkey! Thanks! Hopefully things will begin to pick up soon with our house and there will be more to see. It took me a long time to get to this point so maybe you will soon be on your way too!