Saturday, March 04, 2006

Friends in Low Places

This little guy lived on the front of my store all last summer. I say "lived" because I guess they don't have a very long life span and I have not seen him in quite awhile. He would either be in my flower pots out front or on the front windows. Once, he decided to hang out above the door and when I went out to check the mail he fell on me right as I came out! Well, it scared the crap out of me but luckily I did not smash him or anything. He just ran off to the flowers.


pablo said...

That little guy looks like an anole. Could it have been someone's escaped pet?

kara said...

this information is greatly appreciated. really. (i get freaked out just thinking about the possibility of owning a store!)
i'll stop bugging you now. :)

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! He might be an anole, I have no idea, but these things are all over the place down here so I don't think he was a pet. I mean, you can hardly throw a rock without hitting one. There were actually 2 living in front of the store and another one that would slip in the back door every chance he got!

Hey Kara! I hope I didn't repeat too much info that I'm sure you have already thought of but I know there were a couple of things that I just didn't realize (and no one told me) when I started. Please don't hesitate to ask anything else if I didn't cover something you were concerned with. It's no bother at all!

Rurality said...

Yep it's an anole. They can change colors, but only green and brown... not purple!