Tuesday, March 07, 2006

From Me To You

We had amassed a small collection of gift cards from friends and family over the last couple of years and finally got around to doing something with them. We waited so long because we wanted to buy something really special seeing as how the cards were Christmas gifts etc. and bought with our future house in mind. Our initial thought was to buy lighting fixtures or something like that but just couldn't find anything we liked and then it finally dawned on us to maybe get trees. Well, also we wanted something that would go directly into the house but anyway....... this way we can give gifts back to those friends and family in the form of jams and preserves etc. made from the fuits of these trees. That is, if I can learn how to make such things. Allen and I love fresh figs so we got 2 Brown Turkey fig trees. We got 1 Santa Rosa plum (supposed to be self-pollinating) and 2 blackberry plants. We try to use only organic methods of gardening and I like that brand of fertilizer and I'm so happy Lowe's has started to carry it. Can't think of the brand name right off though. We are still waiting on drawings but maybe it won't be much longer and I will have something to show ya'll about the house.


pablo said...

Okay, lemme know if I'm prying. Did your architect charge you a percentage or flat rate?

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo- I don't think you're prying but I just can't reveal our arrangement. I guess I should not even mention an architect but I was afraid people might assume the design was mine and I cannot take credit for that. That being said, people might be amazed what they can get by bartering.