Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hallelujah Chorus

These are some of the drawings we have so far but they are not THE drawings. But they are pretty close. We just have a few details to finalize and move a few little things around some. Maybe. Anyway, like I said before, I wanted to wait until we had final drawings but since its been going a little slow I figured I'd just go ahead with what we have. Besides, this shows a pretty accurate view of the process of designing a house. The grid overlay on this drawing makes it a little hard to see some of the stuff but I think you can tell pretty much where everything is. The kitchen windows are going to change some; I'm not sure that we need that many. One of the windows in the pantry is leaving; don't want it to get warm in there. The deck out front will be bigger. The side with the 2 bedrooms and a bath is not even done, we are still moving quite a bit around in there. As you can probably figure out, we are just building the side with the living room, kitchen etc. right now and then will move into that section and then build the remaining part of the house.
This view is one I showed before and now it has evolved some. This is standing on the west end of the house looking back at it. We are really having some difficulties with this covered walkway in the back there. I really like it and the way it looks but its going to block all my sun and thermal gain coming in through the lower part of the house. We would have to rely solely on the clerestory for solar gain. I don't want to try that plus I like sun in the kitchen. We've thought of skylights, cutting the walkway down etc. Now, the grid pattern and the windows, etc. are what is on the inside walls of the house. I was very confused by this when I first saw the drawing because I knew I did not want those big windows on the west end. Too much heat in the summer. Those windows and door are going to be on the wall next to the dogtrot. Those things projecting off the front of the house are the deck and a large planter. There are still plenty of details to add and other stuff. This weekend we hope to put down the subfloor and then next week I must finalize the window sizes because we'll be standing walls the next weekend!! I have to decide between double-hungs or casement windows etc. I like casements but we may have to go with double-hung (which I think is what he has drawn anyway) because of cost.

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