Saturday, March 11, 2006

Here, There and Everywhere

Posts about rocks are popular right now so I thought I'd show off some of my rocks! This rock is how we determined where the house was going to go. Sort of. I really liked it and it was in the general area that we knew we wanted the house so I said let's just position the house so that this rock will be near the entrance and we can see it when we are sitting out on the patio sipping mint juleps. Or whatever. It's nicer in the summer when the ferns are up and really green. The house will run length-wise by this rock and I thought a little water feature would be nice near it too.
Here you can kind of see where the rock sits in relation to the house.
Keep in mind that the rest of the house will continue on past where we stopped the wall at for now and also what most people would consider the back of the house is kinda the front. The house really won't have a definate front or back. The rock is near the top center of the photo. The ground level elevation at the base of that biggest tree over on the right is what I want the finish floor elevation in the house to be. So, all of that tore up dirt in between the tree and the wall will be filled in and flat. I have found a tremendous amount of flagstone on our land and will use that to build the patio here, upon which we will sip libations in the heat of the summer.
We have dup up tons of rocks everywhere! Big ones, little ones, flat ones, you name it. I am currently piling them up wherever there seems to be a concentration of them. Later I will use them to build the wall that will close off the underside of the house etc.
This is a small pile of the flagstone. Most of these came from the old dam and were placed around the spill way. I believe these were probably hauled in but maybe not. I need to gather alot more of these to have enough though.


Rurality said...

Your big rock looks a little like a frog from that angle!

Do you have the red fossil rocks there too?

By the way I'm still looking for the song titled "Snap Ties and Pig's Feet". ;)

edifice rex said...

It took me a minute but I see what you mean about it looking like a frog! We have not seen any of those red fossil rocks on our place; those are really cool. Fred did find another kind though and I will put a photo of it up soon. Its neat.
I was wondering if anybody had caught on to the song title deal! At first some of them were kind of vague but I think its obvious now. :D

Walter Jeffries said...

Sounds like a good enough reason to me of how to decide where to site the house. We did the same. We actually did a weighted analysis, a bit of fun math, to figure out the general location and then the cliff face to figure out the exact location, nestling our house in to the mountain. The maximum sun exposure gave us our orientation which happened to put the house on a magnetic north-south axis since we're on the east slope of the mountain and lose the western sun early.