Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Closest Thing To Crazy

Okay, some of you may be getting tired of reading this ol' story but dammit, this has really just got me flabbergasted. I don't know what to think. You know I mentioned a few posts back, how that I had run into the Switchman a few times lately on the interstate and that I had literally started going in a little later to avoid seeing him. That may be silly but it just bums me out sometimes. Well, hell, if I'm not running into him now, here in my little town where I live! It seems that every time I try to avoid him in one area, he pops up somewhere else. I came to our downtown to buy gas, something I don't normally do, and go to the bank, and as I was pulling out of the gas station, he drives by! So, he signals me and pulls over into an empty parking lot and we talk for a while (about work). I asked him, "what in the world are you doing over here?"
"Oh, I've had to come over here several times lately to buy lumber."
Seems the lumber yard nearest to his house doesn't carry the length boards he needs for a project he's doing, but the lumber yard over in my town does. !@$#!
At least this time, as I stood there and talked to him, I don't think I acted like a complete idiot.

For some reason this old joke keeps coming to mind and has for some time now: these two good ol' boys, Zeb and Joe, decide to go bear hunting. So they get out in the woods and actually find a bear but it chases Joe up a tree. The bear shimmies right up behind him, with Joe climbing as fast as he can. But they eventually reach the top of the tree and then the awfullest hollering and growling and shaking commences with the two of them going 'round and 'round in the top of that tree. So, Joe yells down to Zeb and says, " Shoot it, Zeb! Help me!"
"But I'm afraid that I'll hit you Joe! Ya'll are rolling around so, I can't see which is which!"
" Dammit Zeb, just shoot up amongst us, one of us has got to have some relief!"

Oh, I forgot! Also, when I saw him, I was wearing both the T-shirt that my company gave us for the railroad job and the baseball cap that the Switchman had given me. That was the first time I had worn that hat in over a year.

*Katie Melua/ I also just happen to stumble onto this song, which is quiet lovely and you can listen to it here. I was not familiar with this song and, once again, somewhat flabbergasted when I read the lyrics.


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Hey Woody! I always thought that old joke was funny too!

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Dang. Forces of nature....

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