Thursday, June 04, 2009


From a couple of questions I got, I thought I would divulge a little info about the photos in the last post.
The heart rock is another one I have found just this week on the job. Sitting at break, I happen to look down at my feet and there it was. One of my buddies at work said I should sleep with it under my pillow one night and see what I dream about. Hhhmmm. I might. Just to say, I rarely ever dream about people I know. Usually I dream about buildings or animals and such.

Yes, that is razor wire in the second photo but no, it is nowhere around my house. All of the photos have to do with work and the warehouse where we are working is very tightly secured. Tall fences and razor wire encircle the whole place. They are serious about protecting their food. The job is in a very bad part of Birmingham also and I suppose, especially nowadays, so much food sitting around is very tempting to some.

The boots (and all attached) are mine. I haven't gotten even 10 months out of this pair and I really need to buy another. It is so hard for me to find work boots small enough for me. And yes, I've checked on the internet. They don't even make the style and type, brand etc. that I like in women's. I still end up buying men's. But that's OK.


Maya said...

Too Funny, it seems we have the same problem on opposite ends of the spectrum! I can never find womens shoes that fit me period, because my feet are so big.

edifice rex said...

Hey Maya! Well, in women's boots I can find my size but because they never have women's boots that I like, I end up getting men's and it's hard to get them in a small enough size. Clear as mud, right?! lol!